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  • Survive1999

    So I'm interested for all you folks that have come out of the Watch Tower Society, are any of you still religious, believe in God or the Bible?

    Interestingly enough, I picked up a origianl copy of "Studies in the Scriptures" published 1915 with reprinted tracts in the back that talk about Armegedon in 1914. Big Funny! I keep it handy near the front door. You should see the looks when I produce original material that the ELDERS categorical deny exists!

  • stillajwexelder

    The looks on thier faces priceless - for everything else there is Mastercard

  • GetBusyLiving

    LOL. Welcome to the board man. There are tons of Christians and just about everything else on this site. I'd like to get an autographed 'booze Rutherford' Millions Now Living Will Never Die book.


  • kls

    Welcome Survive1999, there is an all different here ,some believe in God others do not.

  • fairchild
    are any of you still religious,


    believe in God


    or the Bible?


    I just don't believe that the WTS is God's mouthpiece on earth.

    Welcome to the board.

  • Dustin

    I have no faith. It died when I found the answers aren't really out there. I don't know if God really does exist, or is just a figment of the imagination used to preserve some sense of hope. The Bible is a book written by men, and uninspired. Far too many inconsisencies to be written by a All Powerful One. As for religion it can die a slow death for destroying the dreams of billions.

    Oh, by the way welcome to the board.


  • Whiskeyjack

    Welcome to the board Survivor'99.

    I'd classify myself as a "hopeful agnostic" (grew up in the org.). I no longer believe in the bible as the "literal" word of any entity but more as a collection of literature and myths. I prefer the idea of an all-powerful God interested in me personally but this is a mystery mankind has yet to figure out (will science provide "the" answer one day?). It would take some pretty impressive "miracles" to sell me now.

    Now I try to reconcile myself to the same doubts that plague "worldy" folks about existence and resolve to learn a little bit about the Universe each day.


  • freedom96

    I do not believe in the WTS anymore.

    I do believe in God.

  • cheeseman

    I remember when I came out of the brainwashing those MF's had me under. It was like wakening up from a very muddy dream. You know, the ones where dreamworld and reality merge for a LONG time before you finally reach the surface and escape into consciousness. When I first realised the truth about the "truth" my first reaction was to abandon everything. No beliefs of any kind...I was too messed up.

    But now time has passed, I'm boiling it down to two possibilities.

    1) God exists. He used evolution as a means to create. He is not loving. He is not just. He is not perfect. He messed it all up. He is an egomaniac. He doesn't love his creation. The future is uncertain.


    2) Life arrived on earth from outer space, planted by extra-terrestrials scientists. Life evolved. We are currently living in their experiment. They are trying to find out more about their own evolution by studying it on earth. The origin of these ET's are unknown. The future is probably eternal death.

    I'm not sure about my second theory...but it goes something like that!

    Oh, anything that demands you put faith in something uncertain neccesitates religion. So, I guess from that viewpoint, we are all religious. However, I consider the bible mainly as a book of fairytales.

    Welcome survive1999.

  • jeanniebeanz
    You should see the looks when I produce original material that the ELDERS categorical deny exists!

    LOL I like this one! Stay for a while, Survivor.


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