i thought this site suppose to be kind to one another!

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  • Honesty

    However if you post defending the WBTS you will be bashed, that's for sure, there are many hurt souls out there, thanks to the WBTS.
    So Right On DL76

  • squinks

    If you post here defending the Jehovah's Witnesses, you will see the responces of people who have been hurt. I don't think any of them would mean to bash you personally, its just that most of us have been hurt and lash out when we hear someone say that Jehovah's Witnesses do good things, we don't think that religion is a good thing.

  • squinks

    One more thing sad and lonely, this is a good place for sad and lonely people because you will see a lot of love and caring here, so keep coming back.

    Some of the people here are smart alecs but they really aren't mean and would not hurt you, so don't worry

  • El blanko
    El blanko

    I've also read your biog and to be honest, this place is probably not ideal for you. You seem to be after a partner "in the truth" and I doubt you will find that here.

    If you want to get to know why a lot of posters are here may I suggest you read "In Search Of Christian Freedom by Raymond Franz" (obtainable through Amazon books).

    As the other posters suggest, if you support the ideals of the Watchtower Society, then you are likely to come under fire

  • love11

    Jehovah's witnesses don't need their own web-site to bash other people, they already do that in their magazines and books.

    I don't really understand your comment, I've found nothing but kindness and understanding. Maybe you need to stick around longer to find out that most people here can't stand judgemental people and don't like it when they see others being judged.

    If your commenting on how there is alot of negative things being said about jehovah's witnesses, then that is different. Alot of people have been burned by the jw's and this is a safe place to vent. Not everyone loves your religion. Just like not everyone loved being a catholic. Difference of opinion and variety of thought is something to be cherished. Without it there would be no libraries, no art, no tolerance.

    You seem like a sensitive person and maybe your feelings were accidently hurt. Is your need to have a mate something that you really need or are you unhappy and trying to fill a void in you that being a jw can't provide? Don't worry, I'm not passing judgement by asking you those questions, I just want you to ask yourself that, in the privacy of your heart.

  • diamondblue1974

    Sorry if we have indirectly upset you S&L.

    Hope you find what you are looking for....welcome to the forum.


  • Dragonlady76


    I just read your bio, you sound a very sweet lady, however this may not be the place for you if you are seeking a JW mate. Sorry, I hope you find a great guy that you can relate too.


  • beebee

    I'll also state the so far unstated, you might be a lot less sad and lonely if you were interested in finding a nice man regardless of his religious affiliation (as long as he is tolerant of yours). I realize that this goes against everything you were taught, but recognize that good people come in all races and religions and how well someone treats you is the important part.

    Best of luck. As an outsider (always have been, always will be) it is impossible to understand any religion that REQUIRES its members to be "sad and lonely" unless they select a mate from the limited pool that they offer.

    Even in the full worldwide pool of available men, as women we compete against younger women who have less baggage (like kids) in addition to women within our own age bracket. Biology also has created a growing imbalance of men to women (as we age, there are far fewer men then women and this gets worse with age).

    This is how I explained to my own mother why I have learned to be completely happy dating men from different religions, backgrounds and even races. Even my bigoted mom now understands that finding a good man is the important part - someone who treats me and my children kindly and lovingly; someone who brings out the best in me and wishes me success in everything I attempt; someone who looks into my eyes and makes me feel beautiful and wanted.

    Just finding that is challenging enough past 35, if you limit yourself to a smaller pool of candidates, you'll not likely ever find love.

    Another important thought that I realized several years ago, the best way to avoid being lonely isn't having one special person, it is having a circle of warm friends. To put that burden onto just one person is too much, and unfair to both you and them.

    Find things to do that interest you. You say that you are a dedicated witness but are not "congregating" so you have isolated yourself. You need to find some group or activities that DO interest you. Perhaps help at the school or library, whatever you do, it should be something you like. You will make friends that way.

    The Internet can help reduce the feelings of isolation, but ultimately you need to get out amongst real people.

  • Carmel

    If you are talking about PO, the other website, it stands for Pioneer Outreach. It's not very active but the folks there are much like here. They've been betrayed by the WBTS, that magazine publishing company masquerading as a religion.


  • Dustin

    I'm sorry people haven't been very nice. Most people like myself have been hurt by the Jehovah's Witness organization. However, I welcome the chance to talk to new people. I hope you find the friend you are looking for.

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