My Stupid JW Mother and her Circular/Warped Reasoning

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  • orangefatcat

    What a sad situation for your niece. Your mother is some piece of work. Doesn't your sister have anything to say about her child. This is going to end in a tragedy if she doesn't get out of her homelife.

    Such blackmail, do this do that and you can do this and do that, what a crock of you know what. Your niece's mental and emotional health is very fragile. I see this ending in a bad way if she doesn't leave her home. Your mother should leave you alone, I mean why is she all over you like an alien? Because you want to help her and they are saying your confusing her. Give me a break.

    The thing that is paramount her is your niece's sanity. This poor kid is so messed up. I hate parents like that and there are so many parents that way towards thier children.

    When my son didn't want to go to the meeting anymore I was disappointed but I never tried to emotionally blackmail him. Unlike his father who would give him money or buy him something if he went to the meetings. It was a mess. If a parent tries to push and push and push they will only rebel more and more. They need to let her make up her own mind, she is of legal age. Is she able to live elsewhere? Away from her mom and your mom? Could you take her in, or I guess they would blame you for everything, but then they are already doing that to you? What a pickle. I can feel your deep frustration on this. They need to back off before its to late and this sweet inocent will or may be end up a statisic if you get my meaning. And that would be terrible.

    Oh I hate the JEhovah's Witnesses. That GB is so warped. why oh why don't they just leave families alone.

    God forbid . Oh I wish I had a magic pill to help you and your niece. You and you alone are the only stable person in her life. It is good that she comes to you for help. I pray only good comes of this. Please keep us updated. Not to be nosy but out of deep concern for you and your neice.

    All the very best and peace be with you

    Luv Orangefatcat

  • NewLight2

    Hi Wild Thing,

    Why not set up a disscussion board of your own at:

    It is free and you could 'invite' via pm's those posters from here that you would like 'talking' to your niece. All you have to do to keep your priviacy is to regester using different screen name than you use on JWD. All you invite to join will understand that they are not to post any links back to JWD.

    I have signed up for two forums and so far they have remained 'private'. I use them to post news articles and such from the internet and so far I am still the only one who posts there. Therefore I doubt that any 'strangers' will wander in and mess things up for you.

    That would give your niece an outlet to 'vent' without you feeling guilty about leading her away form the JW's. Just tell your niece that you have set up a forum and invited some of your 'friends from the internet' to post there.


  • mkr32208

    I think the school counseler is a great idea! I do believe that in most areas this would qualify as abuse and she can sue for emancipation!

    Sorry if it's spelled wrong!

  • GetBusyLiving

    Man I was in the same boat when I was a kid. You have to go to meetings while under their roof. They constantly brain wash you to get baptised. You can't have a witness girlfriend unless you are baptised and you can't have a worldly girlfriend period. You get baptised. You move out on your own. You realize its all bullsh*t. You disassociate yourself. You can't talk to your family.

    Obviously its all her fault.


  • JustTickledPink

    Just encourage her to not piss them off too much, but be calm until she's old enough to do what she wants but under no circumstances is she to get baptized. That would be the biggest mistake. Then they would cut her off.

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