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  • Quentin

    Parents became JWs 1953. I grew up under the old congregation regime, Congregation Overseer, Assistant Overseer and Theocratic Ministry School Overseer, along with assorted MS. Father DF 1956 reinstated 1962. I was baptized ?63. In 1972 was being groomed for MS position in new KH until I married a girl who was?gasp!!!?only an ?interested person?, that is to say she was ?just studying?, divorced too (another gasp!!) and smoked (gasp!, one more time). The road has been long and rocky but were still together. Parents divorced 1973, mother DF same year for ?smoking?, mother died in ?83. My dad remarried (non JW) and was ?inactive?(an old JW term) until he, God knows why, went back in ?93. He died in 2000 a staunch JW.

    I left in early ?74 after the turmoil of the previous year. Wish I could say I never looked back, which would be untrue. It took a long time to get the WTBTS out of my system. I could of course go on and on, but I don?t think my experiences, as a JW, or the aftermath, are all that different from what others have gone through. Weather you?re a current JW, living in hell on earth, agonizing over what to do, or an ex Watchtower slave, making a life for yourself, we all have made the same journey, one way or the other.

    That?s about it. Glad to be here. Hope to be of help.

  • nicolaou

    Welcome to the board Quentin, you're going to like it here!

  • Quentin

    Thanks.I browsed around for a couple of weeks. Liked it.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff


    hope you like it here


  • jaffacake

    Its GREAT to have you here Quentin


  • tweety

    Hello Quentin,


    Like yourself, I'm new here but I have been out of the JW's for 10 years. I liked your story because one of your statements was: ( It took a long time to get the WTBTS out of my system.)

    That is so true! Once you leave you deal with all kinds of inner conflict until you get the WBTS thinking out of your system.

    Being here and chating and reading the different threads, has made me feel like I finally found a place where I fit in. The people here can relate to everything that you say.


  • jeanniebeanz

    Welcome, Quentin.


  • love11

    Hi- glad to hear you and your lady are doing fine. Can't wait to hear more from ya'.

  • alw

    quentin, g,day from down under.

    like you im new here too. i have been fading a year now, found this site through our daughter, jw83.

    you will find a lot of guys on here that can relate to you and the things we all go through as ex jwsthat most people cant.

    the borg is just as bad down here as it is anywhere else in the world.

    have a good day. mr alw

  • Bryan

    Nice to see you here Quentin.

    I look forward to hearing more of your life and POV's.

    Take care,


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