Comments You Will Not Hear at the 4-3-05 WT Study (complete)

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  • Flash

    bennyk your absolutely right about paragraph 10. DF'ings will be going way UP if people fall into this trap.

    10 Strong faith is built on knowledge blind faith in us. "Faith follows the thing heard," stated Paul. (Romans 10:17) What did he mean by that? He meant that by feeding on God's Word WTS Publications, we build our faith and confidence in Jehovah the Governing Body, his their promises, and his our 'mother organization.' Asking honest questions about the Bible the WTS views can lead to reassuring answers.

    Reassuring answers???

    Yeah like, "We're always right...and if you don't think so, there's the DOOR!!"

  • EvilForce

    LMAO Flash, that's funny!!!!

  • Pistoff
    He may allow situations to develop that reveal our true motives and heart condition?we should welcome such tests....opportunity to demonstrate the depth of our loyalty to Jehovah.

    This, of course, is coded witness speak for: bad, mind numbing things will happen in congregations that shake people's faith in in "God's channel" to the core. Being crushed by seeing "God's voice" commit adultery, scheming, sex abuse and lying, they are now told that it was one of those "situations that reveal our true motives and heart condition."

    OH. I see. I was not able to live with an elder's cavalier lying about a judicial matter involving a suicidal teen; in reality, it was a test from God (oops, sorry JEHOVAH) and it was MY fault for not seeing it as a test.

    Oh well. My bad.

    Thanks BLONDIE; awesome as usual.

    It is not a good idea for the WT to analyze the life of Jesus too much, or to encourage JW's to emulate Jesus. Jesus was not a stickler for the rules, what with hanging out with the low lifes, and his rebellious bad attitude about the elders, I mean, religious leaders. Not good to encourage the rank and file to think deeply about what Jesus accomplished with his life, teaching and death: he made an out of touch, oppressive religious system irrelevant, and empowered each individual believer to connect to God by himself. NO one of them were to be called father, right? Or elder, CO, DO, for that matter.

    MUCH better to call in the old, familiar examples from the OT: real good stuff here, with lots of vengeance, war and absolute power over the little people.

    HEY WT: I am a christian; that means I don't need YOU, your crappy magazines with their crappy analogies, and I don't need your congregations either. That was Paul's contribution: as soon as Jesus freed us from all that structure, Paul comes in and brings it right back, complete with all the rules and attitudes he forgot to leave behind.

    Christians congregate by CHOICE; it isn't necessary but it can be a very good thing. I just can't remember ever feeling that I was in a congregation of equal believers in Jesus, trying to discern what his amazing life and death meant for me with the interference of the old gray control freaks in Brooklyn.

    Thanks again BLONDIE; as usual, you hit them where they live.

  • heathen

    I think pistoff did have a point . This article is a complete waste of time . The bible says that bearing witness to jesus is what "inspires " prophesy , for them to say they are not spirit inspired is blaspheme especially when they claim to be the FDS or " anointed". I'll never understand how they can say they are prophets , The John class , The jeremiah class and so on, yet they are not spirit inspired and somehow they get away with the " spirit directed" dogma which to me you can't have one without the other . That's quite a bit of mental gymnastics there .

  • Shania

    Wow, I hang on to every word Blondie, if only our WT conductor was like you ,

    we would all be out and make us look at the wording, the motives, the neglet of the one man that we all learned about as children, Jesus, I never realized how the FDS ignors his importance in the whole scheme of are a great teacher---(little g out of respect for Jesus)

    Thank you for all you do. I have a quick question, you can aswer if you want or not. How do you get your weekly WT if you are not attending the Hall? I get mine from my mom, but it might be stopping soon if you know what I mean. I think I will have to go to laundy mat to get them.................

  • heathen

    [email protected] ----

    I think I will have to go to laundy mat to get them.................

    Nothing like finding jehovahs spiritual banquet in the laundry mat ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • SallySue

    He welcomes honest questions asked with the right motive.

    And what it the right motive? Who decides if you have the "right motive"?

    I find this so far from what I was taught in the 50's and 60's. We were not Christians back then and God did not help individuals, but the organization. And now, just pray and Jehovah will help you. Wow, that is news to me. He must have changed... And here I thought Jesus said He is the same yesterday and tomorrow... OOPS must have read that wrong.

    This article is so much double speak it makes my hair hurt.

    Thanks Blondie for bringing it to us and for all your hard work week after week. It helps me keep up with the garbage they are filling my Mother's head full of and prepare for her letters.

  • Jez

    Blondie: Where do u find the time? Thank you so much for that. I sat there on Sunday and made notes in my WT. I would have never thought like this before and now can't believe how gullible people there are. Here are a few of my thoughts:

    Par 9: says to "Prove Bible truth to yourself"

    This statement is very misleading and I often think of new ones. It is rot with hidden conditions. Go ahead, prove it to yourself, only if you use OUR publications and do not discuss your concerns with others AND come to the 'right' conclusion. Ie. We are right.

    Par 10: says "Jehovah's spirit can help us to comprehend even difficult subjects"

    Soooo if you don't understand, you don't have Jeh spirit. It is never THEM that is wrong, it is always US.

    Par 12: uses Exodus 23:2 "You must not follow after the crowd for evil acts."

    Rips this scripture right out of context and era (God's commands to the Isrealites) and applies it to modern day 'outside pressure'. WHA?

    par 14: says "If others do not respond favorably to your efforts to explain your values to them, do not get discouraged."

    It is THEM, never US. Don't ever ever ever really listen to someone elses point of view. Learn to ignore it and move on if they don't agree with you. I smell 'social retardation' at it's best here.

    Par 19: says "true Christians."

    That really bugs me. Verses, 'false'. Everyone but a fake Christian...WE are the TRUE Christians.


  • apocalypse

    Blondie. I appreciate your work. My wife reads you every week just before we go to the WT study. Gets her blood up in a boil. She is wananexit.

    Just a note. I think you missed the most important thing in this article. The link below will take you there.

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