WHat are you going to wear to Prince Charles wedding?

by Brummie 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Serenity Now
    Serenity Now

    You know what they say: when a man marries his mistress, it creates a vacancy.

    Keep that in mind when you pick your outfit, in case you want to catch Chuckie's eye and apply for position!

  • the_classicist

    I'm actually planning on going in a Admiral's uniform from 1850 with a sash with KBE insignia on it. Don't forget the sword and the monicle!

  • jeanniebeanz

    nail polish and rhinestones. anything more would be unnecessary, dahling...


  • Pwned

    OK I know this is off topic but since many people from UK will read this thread I have a question: Does Renee Zelwegger's accent sound authentic in the Bridget Jones movies? What about Austin Power's?

  • fairchild

    It said on the invitation "Fairchild may wear her jeans", so I guess that's what I'll be wearing.

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