"There's A Great Influx Coming In!".....per the Circuit Overseer

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  • minimus

    "There's a great influx coming in and it's all those that left us".......so said the CO when visiting my mother. What a crock! I know of no one wanting to go back "to the vomit". Do you???

  • IP_SEC

    haha when did this start min? Musta been after sept, when those dismal numbers were tallied.

  • JH

    Just a little tremmor, and people go back...

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    well do you guys want to be destroyed at armageddon? no! so if you knew what was good for you, you'd be heading back to the nearest kingdom hall, where the peace and the salvation is found. now start getting to your meetings... unless you hate living and dont like new systems with lions and lambs and stepping ontop of cobras.


  • jula71

    Oh...April fools...............

  • gumby

    Some start back to meetings because of impending dangers our planet is facing . The society then blows the numbers of these out of proportion and feed it to the flock through the CO to give the publishers the message...."better keep strong....even the losers are coming back as Jehovah's day draws near".


  • Effervescent

    This guy's delusional...

  • Mary
    "There's a great influx coming in and it's all those that left us".......so said the CO when visiting my mother

    Yep.....uh-huh.......and this great influx is happening invisibly, just like the Second Coming did in 1914. Only those with the rank of CO and above can "discern" it though.

  • minimus

    Mary, you are sooooooooo funny.

  • blondie

    I'd love to see the statistics. How many people have been reinstated or reactivated in your old congregation, min?

    Usually it is the same 10 "dissatisfied" people that keep changing congregations making the numbers look good in one and bad in another; or switching circuits.

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