It must be of concern to the GB with all the information that is been leaked now

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  • Oubliette

    It's an interesting case study in the psychopathology of the authoritarian personality (aka "control freaks").

    The GB deliberately induce distrust among the R&F in order to keep everyone easier to control, and yet they are not self-aware enough to see that the same carefully calculated plan to create paranoia among their followers must of necessity eventually infect their own minds.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    As a lowly female (bwhahaha!), it has been eye-opening to get a look into the inner sanctuary, to enter into the most holy of the holies, to see behind the curtain.... to hear these secret elder's meetings, to see their secret elder's letters... to behold the inner workings of this giant (religious) corporation... and to see the bullsh*t and lies and falseness and mind-numbing boringness of many of their "qualified" speakers! 

    I was amazed to hear how many times they repeated  "You FAITHFUL, LOYAL BROTHERS" at the LDC talk (the talk where they revealed the new, commercial Kingdom Hall design) and how much more openly they talk about needing money and funds when their words are directed to a roomful of special "spiritually appointed men" ....

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    They're in a self imposed prison cell whose bars are made of secrets that aren't really secrets rather paranoid delusions about their own importance and significance in the world scheme.
  • Blackfalcon98
    Im sure GB gets a little worried.....but then the probably just say a prayer and create new methods for preventing no avail! 
  • campaign of hate
    campaign of hate
    I don't think the GB have quite worked out that anything they in any video WILL be recorded and copied, and will NEVER disappear from the public domain. EVER.
  • gda
    it would be great if leaks at the senior level were one of the GB's. 
  • OrphanCrow
    village idiot: In my opinion t's best not to mention this too much because they might read it and be provoked into starting a witch hunt in Bethel.

    Village Idiot, (in my opinion) each and every word posted on this site is read by someone within the WTS 'power circle', or, at the very least, by someone appointed to do so.

    gda: it would be great if leaks at the senior level were one of the GB's. 
    • Now, there is a possibility that could be believable. Every group of people has dissenters - those who have less power than others are vulnerable to submitting to subversive tactics to get to the top of the pile. Every board of directors in the corporate world has those who are jealous and competitive for power. I don't think the GB are immune to corporate jealousy. They are only human, after all.
  • brandnew
    Isnt that sander dude son guy by the name of mark, like on the bottom of the todem pole..?? Just sayin.....hee hee
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Not only are leaks a big concern to the  GB but  they  will  continue.    In fact I'm  very sure one day they  will  get  hacked and the  whole  world  will catch 'Jehovah' and higher-ups with  their  pants down! 

    Now that  will  be  a  sight  to see!!!

  • Vidiot

    JW GoneBad - "Now that will be a sight to see!!!"

    Sounds more like something someone would want to unsee.

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