Do Jehovah's Witnesses Shun?

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  • EndofMysteries
    So where in the bibles moral code does it say, "thou shalt worship and obeyeth the group of men that calleth thy selves the governing body which shalt maketh false claims and prophecies but thalt still obeyest them sayeth the lord."? 
  • _Morpheus
    @pistoff-  excellent observation ;)
  • blondie

    And where does the bible say it is moral to hide the sins of a pedophile?  This scripture has been used by the WTS for years to scare jws into reporting other jws.


    (Leviticus 5:1) 5 “‘Now in case a soul sins in that he has heard public cursing and he is a witness or he has seen it or has come to know of it, if he does not report it, then he must answer for his error.

    ---but the WTS feels they to report all sins even if it is a danger.


    *** w87 9/1 p. 13 “A Time to Speak”—When? ***

    This command from the Highest Level of authority in the universe put the responsibility upon each Israelite to report to the judges any serious wrongdoing that he observed so that the matter might be handled. While Christians are not strictly under the Mosaic Law, its principles still apply in the Christian congregation. Hence, there may be times when a Christian is obligated to bring a matter to the attention of the elders. True, it is illegal in many countries to disclose to unauthorized ones what is found in private records. But if a Christian feels, after prayerful consideration, that he is facing a situation where the law of God required him to report what he knew despite the demands of lesser authorities, then that is a responsibility he accepts before Jehovah. There are times when a Christian “must obey God as ruler rather than men.”—Acts 5:29.

  • Simon

    The problem is they include things like "don't believe we're god's representatives" as being a "serious sin".

    Heck maybe just "question some of our teachings" or "point out a flip-flop or doctrinal inconsistency".

    Also on the list: "believe something before we do" and "don't stop believing something after we have"

    They can all be summed up under the gross sin of "not being obedient enough to US"

  • lurkernomore

    Thanks for the extra info Blondie.

     I find it amazing how THEY feel THEY are in a position to decide that 'principles' of the ABANDONED mosaic law are to be viewed as gospel. That's millions of very deluded people! So glad I'm no longer one of them!


    We need to remember that they are under more scrutiny than ever. The court cases are piling up. The WTBTS Lawyers are surely advising the GB about what "worldly people" are hearing. I'm sure the internal policies are being discussed at length. It makes sense that the PR page ( which is actually for dubs) would be adjusted.

    It really doesn't matter in the long run, because the original page is on the web too! Anyone who really wants to know TTATT will research it, despite whatever the WTBTS says. Then they will see the adjustment for what it was, whitewashing. The evidence for dishonesty in the form of misquotes, quotes taken out of context, half-truths, lies by omission, and outright lies is overwhelming!

    I wouldn't worry too much about "apostates" helping the GB get away with anything, or helping them escape punishment by giving them nu-light. As long as the original words and practices exist for comparison, any who want to know TTATT can find it.

    That article "To Russia, with love" ( LOL!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!! I made a funny!) was laughable. Russia has seen JWism for what it is. So will honest jury members in the multitude of Pedo cases that are plaguing the WTBTS. 

    Simon mentioned some very good points. No amount of whitewashing or PR will erase the fact that JWism requires total and unquestioning obedience, ALWAYS. That is a huge red flag for people. Come on, you KNOW jury members are researching all things Dub, so are the opposing legal teams, probably their families too, and the Judges are surely doing it too! They are people after all. I guess the verdicts will ultimately tell us what the Judges and jury think. So far, so good. 

    I really don't think the WTBTS is going to get out of all this. It's far from over and time will tell, but they have not changed at their core. That means they will continue to re-offend. They can say whatever they want, but the truth will come out. It always does. 


  • Crazyguy
    There is plainly no place in the Bible where one is to be shunned except in 1john and this is for not believing that Jesus is the messiah. 
  • Vidiot

    Pistoff - "A great example of lying by omission..."

    ...which is a form of cheating.

    And, once again for the newbies, trolls, and lurkers...

    ...if you have to cheat to defend you beliefs, they don't deserve to be defended.

  • Simon

    They also don't make any mention of people who just decide to leave.

    Have they committed any sin? The GB would have you believe that they have - specifically that they don't accept the GB's own claims that the GB are appointed by god!

    Yes, they do shun and then they use weasel words to claim they don't.

    There are thousands of ex-JWs who are shunned by their friends and family for committing no other 'sin' of simply leaving the faith while at the same time they welcome with open arms serial killers. Unreal.

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