Do Jehovah's Witnesses Shun?

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  • lurkernomore

    Just checked the FAQ on as i wanted to show a Df'd friend of ours how dishonest they were being about thier shunning policy.

    Well don't you know they've only gone and got honest about shunning Df'd ones:

    'We do not automatically disfellowship someone who commits a serious sin. If, however, a baptized Witness makes a practice of breaking the Bible’s moral code and does not repent, he or she will be shunned or disfellowshipped. The Bible clearly states: “Remove the wicked man from among yourselves.”—1 Corinthians 5:13.'

    I guess here's more proof they're paying close attention to the Ex JW community lol!

  • DesirousOfChange

    I guess here's more proof they're paying close attention to the Ex JW community

    I'm convinced that sites like this are their greatest source of information on how to "tweak" things organizationally.

    It might very well be the source of the best ideas on doctrinal adjustments too.  Lots of smart people here who do indepth research on things.


  • lurkernomore
    I've only been her for a few months and this is not he first time things have been 'adjusted' in ine with apostate new light lol!
  • konceptual99

    it still does not make clear that children not living at home should be shunned as rigorously as anyone else. It fails to mention the links between modern day shunning of children and Israelite parents bringing their children forward to be stoned.  it does not bring out the fact that a man who slept with his mother (step?) was reinstated within about 6 months according to the Bible yet some are left out in the cold for years.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Thanks for the update on that! It's very hard to keep with the Org's turbo-charged chariot!

    Of course they are getting "new lights" from the internet! Where else did they get get the 'brighter light' about the evil slave being "hypothetical"? From the footnote (No. 68) of Matthew 24:48 in the Net Bible!!  (Thank you so much Christendom - the spirit seems to have stopped supplying us!)

  • lurkernomore

    Well the friend I mentioned in the OP has been dfd for a couple years now but last time we met he still felt it was the truth but couldn't live up to it. Needless to say I helped him see the error of his ways and enlightened him on a few truths about 'the truth' lol. He sees things very differently now.

    I wanted to show him the FAQ on shunning so he could perhaps show his parents (who shun him until they want/need something from him).

    I was hoping he could find some way to reconnect using their own words against them... It seems I'm a little late :(

  • Pistoff

    We do not automatically disfellowship someone who commits a serious sin. If, however, a baptized Witness makes a practice of breaking the Bible’s moral code and does not repent, he or she will be shunned or disfellowshipped

    A great example of lying by omission: you can get shunned for criticizing leadership, for smoking, for voting, for celebrating Christmas; none of those are part of the 'bible's moral code'.

  • Xanthippe
    The difference is that people who leave because they can't accept the teachings anymore are not breaking the Bible's moral code but they are still shunned. Bet it doesn't say that on JW.BOrg.
  • blondie

    *** dx86-12 Disfellowshipping ***

    grounds: w98 3/15 22; w92 7/1 19; w89 9/15 18; w88 4/15 26-27; it-1 788

    absolute endangerment of mate’s spirituality: w88 11/1 22-23

    apostasy: w89 10/1 19; w86 3/15 15; w86 4/1 30-31; w86 10/15 31

    bestiality: it-1 292

    bloodguilt: w06 9/15 30

    blood transfusion: jv 183-184

    dishonest practices: w86 11/15 14

    drunkenness: it-1 656

    employment involving gambling: w95 5/15 23

    extortion: w89 1/15 22; it-1 789

    extreme physical abuse of family members: lv 221; g01 11/8 12; fy 150; w88 11/1 22

    fits of anger: w10 6/15 30; lv 221; g01 11/8 12; g97 6/8 20; fy 150; g93 2/8 14

    fornication: w06 7/15 29-30; it-1 863

    fraud: om 142-143

    gluttony: w04 11/1 30-31

    greed in relation to bride-price: w98 9/15 25

    gross uncleanness: w12 3/15 31; lv 137; w06 7/15 30-31

    loose conduct: w06 7/15 30-31

    lying: w09 6/15 18-19; lv 163; g00 2/8 21

    obscene speech: lv 136-137

    persistent gambling: w89 7/15 30

    polygamy: jv 176

    pornography in certain cases: w12 3/15 31; w06 7/15 31

    promoting sects: it-2 886

    reviling: lv 138; w96 7/15 17-18; it-1 991; it-2 802

    sexual abuse of children: g93 10/8 10

    slander: w89 10/15 14; om 142-143

    subversive activity: w95 10/1 31

    use of tobacco: w06 7/15 30-31; w95 5/15 23

    whether violation of secular law is: w86 10/1 31

    wilful nonsupport of family: lv 220-221; w88 11/1 22


    *** w86 10/1 p. 31 Questions From Readers ***

    Elders in the Christian congregation are responsible to handle violations of divine law, such as stealing, murder, and immorality. But God did not require congregation elders to enforce Caesar’s laws and codes. Hence, Paul did not feel compelled to turn over to Roman authorities Onesimus, who was a fugitive under Roman law. (Philemon 10, 15) Of course, if someone flagrantly violates secular law, gaining the reputation of being a lawbreaker, he would not be a good example and might even be disfellowshipped. (1 Timothy 3:2, 7, 10) If lawbreaking was involved in causing another’s death, bloodguilt requiring congregation investigation might result.

  • sowhatnow

    so the next time someone is on the hot seat, shall they print that statement up,

    and hold it up for those who are on the  judicial committee to read?

    and then say to them,  what about this, which use of the word , moral,  will you use today?

    what is deceiving is the use of the word 'moral' which can be interpreted in many ways to suit the situation, and thus apply it to 'principals' not morals.

    and those principals of those men who are on the seat of judgment.

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