Devolution, not evolution

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  • Viviane
    Flying machine without using the air-polluting fuel is not a matter to be laughed at.

    I agree, we need science to develop one. 

    If we remove the alphabet “t” from the word PLANET, we have the word PLANE

    If we remove the "e" we have plant! So what?

    You and the entire humanity are aboard on this PLANE called earth, and it is flying at a speed of 30 km per second, i.e., 1,08,000 km per hour! [At this speed, the distance to the moon can be covered in just four hours]

    Earth is not a plane. It's falling, actually, not flying. Everything you wrote is factually and demonstrably wrong.

  • abiather


    Question is not about the poetic word play. It's about the designer behind the earth which is much more than a home fitted with everything we need not just for our sustenance but for our enjoyment!

  • Viviane
    Question is not about the poetic word play. It's about the designer behind the earth which is much more than a home fitted with everything we need not just for our sustenance but for our enjoyment!

    There is no evidence of a designer of the earth. 

  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake

    Abiathar. People raised or exposed to JW doctrine such as ourselves must, WE MUST, be willing to admit we are woefully of science. The same is true of many raised or exposed to religion. 

    Before you can speak on the subject, you must educate yourself. Evolution is a fact, it is truth. It does not disprove God, nor does it prove God - but God is not the subject here. Evolution appears to be your topic, and evolution is proven. Please watch the show Cosmos with Neil degrades Tyson, season one episode 2 - I believe it's on Netflix. Buy some books, read up on it. Watch the following:

    Don't be a slave to enforced ignorance or brainwashing.

  • cofty

    Abiather used to hit-and-run.

    At least he/she now sticks around to defend the indefensible.

    If you have proof, refute all or any of those six points that run against the Theory of evolution!

    Not one of your six points has anything at all to do with biological evolution.

    Please go and read lots of good science books about evolution and then come back and say sorry.

  • StrongHaiku

    abiather, I think you are mixing a number of separate ideas which are probably best to address individually.  

    Evolution provides a satisfactory answer to your first point as to why certain organisms may or may not change over time.  It is an impersonal mechanism that is not man-made and does not require belief for it to work.

    The rest of the points you listed (e.g. religion, social institutions, economics, governments, etc.) may be better analyzed under the framework of social/cultural evolution, semiotics, philosophy, psychology, and other man-made constructs.  And, to be fair, these may operate in a similar way as evolution.  This is what many are trying to do in the field of memetics, which at present is a weak theory but serves as an interesting analogue to evolution.

    However, you then seem to add God into the equation and try to tie (and/or explain) those ideas together. I think? Perhaps to you the above don't make sense without the idea of a God/Designer/Prime Mover.  I think this is true for many theists. 

    As an atheist, I will be happy to add God to the equation if it ever becomes necessary.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I notice, abiather, that you've not provided supporting evidence for your 6 assertions in the OP.

    Also, please explain why those 6 points run against evolution. 

  • prologos

    ablather, yes there were some feats by the ancients, building of the pyramids, for example, done while Noah build the ark. The science that Your ancestors have passed on is flawed, in the same league as Noh's though. 

    Re: your destination of the plane Earth's travel. IF your's is 'The morning, the Noon, the Evening, Night, you are going at only at ~ .5 km/sec. 60 times slower than you believe. (so much for even your present science) never mind  your local ancient's version. You confused  a year with a day. You confused daily rotation with yearly revolution and completely with "Evolution"

    re: pollution free flight, google "Jaques Charles 1783" light gas,  or "Daedalus 1988" human power, "Solar1 across US, Solar 2 around world" sun powered. The motor-less distance glider record are ~2000km, ~3000km! Science is alive and well, working on it.

    so, the South-East perfection tales of the past are no better than those from Greece, or of the Near Eastern  desert dwellers.

    man & their ladies are moving uphill all the time.     

  • prologos
    and talking of the Evolution of human levitation, : we have come a long way from the "caught away"in flaming chariots, the walking on water, the ascensions, leaving the parting footprint in domed Jerusalem bedrock,-- fabulous stories; no, now we have electric, Hydrogen-powered (water only emissions) planes, magnetically lifted, wheel-less trains. and of course riding the fiery rockets skyward.   Not just stories, evolving, working science and technology.  
  • _Morpheus
    Just curious if the OP has realized yet that every example you gave is of human social structure "devolving" and has absolutely nothing to do with the biological evolution you are railing against....?

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