Site Update: Feb 9, 2015 - Vote feedback! (likes / dislikes)

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  • Simon

    I just pushed out an update that should now show post votes and provide some feedback when you click the like / dislike button. The votes shows as a +5 / -2 next to the like and dislike options.

    I just realize I linked the display to the ability to vote and given that the vote links are hidden on your own posts, that currently means you can't see the votes that others have given you (I'm almost wondering now if that may be for the best, LOL). Expect it to change when I push the next update out.

    Duplicate votes won't be counted even though they may appear to update in the UI so don't bother trying to go click-crazy - every member only get's one vote on each post.

    Just a word of caution: I take serious people who try to game the system. If I detect anyone doing mass likes or dislikes of a particular poster which is obviously not based on the content of the posts then the account will be immediately suspended.

    The system is meant to provide feedback to the author and other members what some in the community think of their comments, not as a way to retaliate against people for past grievances or disagreements or reward friends and supporters - please use it responsibly and base things on the content of people's posts.

    In the same vein, please don't get offended by down-votes and start demanding to know "who did it" or campaigning to get people to like your votes. It's a discussion forum, not a run for presidency.

    I expect to be at the very bottom of the dislike pile so no one should worry that they will be the most disliked person on the forum :)

  • Simon

    I should add too, please don't use "dislike" for posts that violate the posting guidelines. It is means for expressing feedback on the post content / opinion expressed.

    If someone is posting content that should not be on the site then the "flag" option is the thing to use.


  • steve2
    Thanks Simon for the updates. It will be interesting to see whether and to what extent the Like and Dislike features become another means by which some posters will try to vent their emotions beyond the written word; but yes, it will provide helpful feedback on the level of general receptivity or otherwise to specific posts.
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    i did it--innit--i clicked like--and the count went up +1.
  • Simon

    Yeah, hopefully it will provide a way for people to reinforce good posts and express their dislike of the bad without having to do it vocally. I expect the people who want to be vocal will still do so but it provides a way for the rest to "say something".

    Sometimes you don't really have anything to say and it saves a "yeah" post.

    We'll see how it works out and how it ends up being used.

  • OneEyedJoe
    I expect to be at the very bottom of the dislike pile so no one should worry that they will be the most disliked person on the forum 

    10 people in, and I guess I'm the only one that took this as an invitation to dislike your post. 


    This is a pretty Awesome Feature..

    I can "Like" or "Dislike" a Post or Thread,without Commenting on the Thread..

    The "Eyebrows Up Eyebrows Down" Thread is Funny..

    I don`t really have anything to add to the thread,but I can still click "Like"..

                          This Thread Gets a "Like As Well..


  • prologos
    Thank you simon and crew, how about a numbering of posta? this would be No. 8.
  • Simon

    I don't like sequential numbers generally, not only am I not sure what they add, but mostly they aren't good for scaleability: if the app is running on x servers then you need to coordinate things to get the numbering right.

    Is it for linking to posts? I have some thoughts on how to make that work that doesn't rely on the posts within a topic being numbered other than with their existing post id (non sequential)..

  • prologos
    Simon, just a convenient way to reply to a follow-up post saying: " I my post No. 8 above [on this thread]I i already gave that reference--"

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