Evolution a proven fact? LOL

by Rex B13 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • waton

    gravity is the action of matter on space that pulls in more matter, an organising force that gave us the sun. matter releasing energy, off which we live. Life is organising matter too, How it started doing that abiogenesis, is still being worked on , as is "gravity". but

    Just because we are finding out how things work, the laws, processes, does not mean it is not work in the first place.

    May be one day we too, will make airplanes, cars, that design themselves, build themselves, fuel themselves, repair themselves, recycle themselves.

    gravity came from matter, matter from energy. energy is uncreated, but has its evolution too.

    P.S. The unit for energy is J, by the way. remember the letter.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I never use fossils to try to support evolution. We have DNA for better proof

  • Phizzy

    " I never use fossils to try to support evolution." Richard Dawkins called the Fossil Record a "bonus" for the Theory of Evolution, not a Foundation.

    The firm establishment of the Fact of Evolution by Natural Selection needs no support from us, mere lay persons, anyway. The Scientific community has done its work for over a Century proving it as Truth. A number of branches of Science use it in the work they do. Of course, as with any Scientific Theory, new knowledge adds to it, which is why it is called a Theory, it is not set in stone, but the Fact of Evolution as a process by which Flora and Fauna got to where we are today will not be overturned.

  • Vidiot

    Creationists’ arguments against evolution are all moot, IMO.

    On a fundamental level, they reject it for ideological reasons, not scientific ones.

  • Rattigan350

    Quotes don't matter. What matters is that evolutionists are the most closed minded people there can be. It is totally obvious that evolution could not have occurred.

    Simply examining the sexes proves that. Evolution is about random mutations and then if the mutation adds to or enhances the organization it stays but if not it goes away. That is what natural selection is said to be.

    But how can asexual reproduction mutate to male and female? Forming separate but complementary organs? It's impossible. It can only be done by intelligent design. But evolutionists will say, that it happened as evolution is true and then they will insult those not believing in it.

    It does not matter what Darwin said. The fact is that eyes and ears could never evolve as there would be no point in them for life.

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