Ony J.W.'s could do this and not question what is going on

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  • Socrateswannabe

    Sour Grapes, my one disagreement with your opening post: "My bet is that the Org will get very one whipped up on the new design that everyone will vote on selling the existing residential halls and building the newer cheaper versions."

    The meeting made it very clear that congregations will no longer have a say in any of this. The LDC will make the decision as to where a need exists for a new Hall, which property to buy for it, which congregations will attend, what Halls need to be sold, or whether an existing Hall should be remodeled. The locals are completely out of the loop now.

  • Vidiot

    Village Idiot - "George Orwell called it double-think in his book 1984. Just hold two opposing thoughts together at the same time and see no contradiction."

    The GB are experts, IMO.

    Everything I've observed learned has convinced me that they know it's wrong, but believe it's "true" simultaneously.

    I suspect it comes easily to religious authoritarians.

  • prologos

    insidetheKH, you and your family are happy? are you milking the wt system for all it's worth? you believe the talking snake and sequel, today's DAILY text? and:

    You are a True Prophet (unlike wtbts): Your Avatar shows you visible inside the KH, the Big Man; now it will be literally true, the new designs are all window in the fronts. No place to hide, head for the basements. hah.

    welcome to the realists here.   

  • JWdaughter
    weren't they basically told NOT to question what is going on?
  • DesirousOfChange

    InsideThe KH: a few decades wont make a real difference if you look at 6000 years of biblical human history if the end comes now or in 75 years its still close on that timescale.

    If you're even over 20 years old, 75 years IS a real difference -- You'll still be f***ing DEAD.

    Just one more of the "Millions Living Dead Who Will Never Die Are Still DEAD"

    The WTS still exists and continues to profit off of dumba$$es like you.

    Go drink more Koolaid.


  • steve2
    The Watchtower, now under the JW.org moniker, perfects through repetitive practice the twin art of harping on about the nearness of the end whilst focusing on increasing its slick building programs.
  • OrphanCrow
    Startrekangel Why build new stuff if the end is so close? It was explained to us when we used our AH for the first time. This building build become educational centers for the resurrected. True story.. 

    Exactly. I don't think the notion of building KHs and buying up property is incongruous with the idea of The End is Near.

    After all, everything that is touched by the WTS is magically protected - whatever they own is seen as having Jehovah's favor. Therefore, all that 'stuff' will easily survive Armageddon and be there for the JW New Millennium.

    They believe that the day after Armageddon, the faithful JWs will emerge from the basements of the KHs all over the world, take a look around, and be blessed because Jehovah's property survived. And not only that, but all the worldly mansions and property coveted by the faithful will be preserved for them.

    It's magic. Jehovah will protect their property from destruction. 

  • prologos
    JWs believe they will be "underground" during the GT, but not ground under, or in under the new KHs, unless the basements are not in the plans, secretly build under the slabs. Perhaps early prairie dugouts ? 
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    are there basements in these new KH plans ?  armageddon shelters ?
  • steve2

    If you did have a basement set aside for "true believers" you wouldn't want every worldly 'tom, dick and harry' to know its location.

    It's not unlikethe Mormons who used to tell everyone that they were storing up food supplies for the time of trouble ahead. Now, their neighbors and sundry others know where to go when they are accessing their stock pile of food. :(

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