More education bashing in April 2015 simplified watchtower

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  • hoser

    Elders in wealthy lands may find it difficult to encourage baptized brothers in their 20’s or 30’s to do more in the congregation. Ex- perienced elders in about 20 lands told us why they believe that some young brothers do not do more in the congregation. Most of them said that when some brothers were young, their parents did not encour- age them to set goals in Jehovah’s ser- vice. And when some young brothers wanted to do more, their parents en- couraged them to set goals involving higher education or a career in the world! So service to God never came first in their lives.—Matthew 10:24. 

  • millie210

    Yes, blame the parents time again...

  • EndofMysteries

    Excellent news, people are wising up! 

    There are a few typos in that paragraph though....... "Their parents did not encourage them to set goals in Jehovah's  the governing body's service......So service to God  the governing body never came first in their lives. 

  • Blackfalcon98
  • smiddy

         Well actually ,is not   this good news? To me it seems like the people are waking up to the fact that Armageddon may not be just around the corner , and parents are making sure their kids are getting an education which in turn will mean more & more will leave the organisation .


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    ...when some brothers were young, their parents did not encourage them to set goals in Jehovah’s service.... their parents encouraged them to set goals involving higher education or a career in the world!

    News flash! These parents are called "loving"!

    If the parents are not wealthy but living in a "wealthy land", they may have already struggled all their lives to feed the family, buy school and meeting clothes, put gas in the tank for field serve-us, etc. So when they see their kids have some intelligence, why condemn them to the same fate of struggling in poverty?

    And if the parents are wealthy, do they really want to support their kids their entire lives? I think we've all seen that. I lived it! While my parents were proud of my "spiritual progress", I know it troubled them that I basically lived in poverty compared to how I could live. And after bethel, I was broke with no useful job references or opportunities. After struggling for years, the reality that "higher education" would free me from struggling without hope, the "JW spirituality" of my parents was eclipsed by the love of my parents.

    Watchtower can say whatever they want. For me, "higher education" has freed me from a life that was going nowhere. And as far as my "career in the world", I'm working fewer hours now than I did in bethel or when I was working after bethel.

  • EndofMysteries

    Also I hope this article is the last straw for some on the fence. The parents who didn't get education and really struggling now but make sure their kids are getting or got education since the GB keep pushing the end further and further away, to then read this.  When the WT won't give them a penny to help them but talking bad about them for making sure their kids aren't in poverty, maybe they'll this will be the last straw for them. 

    It'll be interesting for those still attending what the comments are like on that paragraph.  Especially if younger ones in school getting degree, etc, or those who DIDN'T and really struggling.  Keep your eyes open during that paragraph lol.  

  • WTWizard

    It is no coincidence that 23 is the cutoff for being an assistant hounder.  Go to college, and you cannot be an assistant hounder, and you will be 22 when you graduate.  From there, you will reach 23 before being appointed, and if you reach 23 before being appointed, no marriage for you.  No excuses--even if you were recruited at age 24 or 25 (though they are more forceful for those who were born in).  Even if you got reproved for smoking at age 21.  Even if the hounder-hounder held you back or didn't get around to appointing you until two minutes after you turned 23.

    I am watching for a talk about this during the upcoming Grand Boasting Session.  Anyone who reached 23 before being appointed an assistant hounder is ineligible for marriage, no matter what.  Even if you were married for 40 years, your wife died, and now you are seeking remarriage--and were not appointed an assistant hounder before age 23.  This will be an example for those who are 17 or 18, and not seeking advancement in the cancer--if you lag and reach 23 without being appointed or let such appointment lapse (also targeting those who want to step down), you will end up like that "brother" that is not allowed to marry.  I expect them to be extremely strict, even not recognizing those who go against this as "married" and treating it like fornication.  All to goad teens into advancing and reaching out against their better judgment.

    And hopefully, leaving the cancer altogether and serving as a disincentive for those who are already disfellowshipped from returning.  Or, serving to incite those who get reproved to simply drop out.

  • flipper
    I hope JW parents keep encouraging their minor children to get a higher education as it will help them develop critical thinking skills that they need to not only survive financially- but to escape the clutches of a criminal organization like the WT Society produces in Jehovah's Witnesses
  • bobld
    Read Jan 31 es15 "Higher education often produces graduates who have few or no practical skills,leaving them unprepared to deal with the realities of life" Is that why bro morris said in his b'cast that"we don't need any lawyers or doctors"I wonder how they will build the new HQ without engineers or architects because they have no practical skills.

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