Hillary Clinton does not qualify for President?

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  • one

    Being the weaker sex, she collpased. (under stress?)


  • Swan

    I remember when Ford tripped getting off of an airplane. George W. Bush blacked out and almost choked to death, but his dog licked his face and revived him. We are all human and have accidents and incidents from time to time. No big deal.


  • undercover

    Wasn't it Carter that was attacked by giant rabbit or sumthin like that?

  • Simon

    Bush Snr puked over some world leader ... Bush Jnr choked on a pretzel (I'll bake 'em harder next time).

    Having a dizzy spell ain't so bad ...

  • eyeslice

    I think it is about time the world's only super-power had a woman as leader.

    India, Pakistan and even the UK has had women leader's in the past. Surely, an intelligent woman US President cannot be any worse than George W.


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ..now, as an obnoxious AMerican AND a New Yorker; I will add fuel to this fire .....

    common knowledge that since his recent surgery; Bill has not been much of a "husband" , so to speak...

    Hilary ( not being as obvious as her presidential husband in taking advantage of an "assistant") does require from time to time, a TUNE UP; after all, she is only human...

    It is obvious that she has not been "tuned up " in a while....

  • minimus

    She would be the first lesbian President, too.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ...whoa! Min, can you imagine THAT scandel?

    Although, in all honesty, it would be nice to think that if that time came, the American people would be open minded enough to accept a presidents sexuality as a private matter, and not make judgement calls...

    ...and that time will most likely come when America has socialized higher education and health care....

  • glitter

    Happy birthday for 4 days ago, Simon!

    I hope Hillary is OK - I think she'll be a fine president. If she is ever up against Condoleeza Rice, it would be *very* interesting. OK, a woman PM wasn't so great for the UK (party round mine when the day comes!), but there's no reason Hillary or Condi shouldn't have their finger on The Button next (oo err!).

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ...I think a female American President would be very refreshing....and if Condoleeza is elected it would be a double header for the minority court; first female and first black president; she would have to live up to some incredably high ideals.....

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