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  • helios

    As a DF person I was pleasantly suprised one day to meet an old friend, who was an elder, along with his wife. In spite of the ability of Jehovah to see all things they were very friendly and we shared some refreshment together. He offered me his business card and advised me he was now a financial adviser and could organise pensions. As my wife was looking to set up a retirement pension and feeling I could be of some help financially to my friend I fixed for him to come to our home and the plan was set up.

    I was pleased to help him and trusted that he would "service"the plan and advise me, especially as we planned to dramatically increase our payments as the years passed. It is a very important aspect of pension planning to maintain regular contact with the client. But from that time on we never saw him again. The years passed, about 12 in fact and one day a voice on the telephone advised me that my wife's pension was due for a review. You bet it was, I gave him both verbal barrels and demanded why the long delay, he was 12 years late. The next thing I had the area manager of the company on the telephone. It seems my"friend" had recently left and his accounts were now in the hands of a new person. They checked my records, some details on the files were missing. It seems he was glad to take the commision but neglected ever to call again.. The area manager appologised for the gross unethical behaviour

    So much for professionalism

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    He wouldn't have spoken to you if he didn't see some point of advantage in doing so.


  • Neo

    Welcome helios!

    This is such a common thing in the organization. They bend the rules anyway they want.


  • upside/down

    Jw's and ethics in the same sentence?

    They have about as much ethics as a Nazi manning the ovens.


  • jeanniebeanz

    It makes me sad to say it, but I saw a lot of this in the org. We had some work done on our home by a local witness handyman. The work was very sloppy and he charged us top rates.

    When the work came apart, we asked him to fix it. He would only do so if we agreed to sign a document that absolved him of any further liability from his work on other projects on the house. I said no, but he cornered my ex one evening and he signed. The 'brother' fixed the problem and it quickly came apart.

    His sloppy work for high rates, combined with my ex lack of business sense cost us the full replacement costs on our french doors and a ruined earthstove hearth with damages to the foundation of our home. Total cost of repairs; a little over 11K.

    Never so much as an apology from him.


  • lilybird

    That is something that always bothered me, Other JWs always quick to point the finger and "advise" you on proper Christian behaviour, but they always did whatever they liked,even if it meant bending the rules.

  • HappyDad

    Years ago my cousin owned his own Kirby Vacuum business and had about 8 salesmen working for him. At that time the money he made was twice that of the ordinary white collar or factory worker.

    He had a new home and the front steps (concrete) started sinking due to having a poor footer. He made a deal with a bro who was a contractor to fix the steps for a brand new Kirby with all the options. Quite a high priced item! This barter was the idea of the contractor bro, not my cousins.

    Yep.......the bro got his Kirby and my cousin got screwed! He never got his steps fixed. When he went to the elders, they said since there was nothing in writing, they could do nothing.

    From other experiences I heard over the years, I always said to my bros and sis's that I would never hire a JW to do any work for me. They got a little uptight when I would state this.

    In the 1980's the industry I worked in bit the dust so I started my own service business and it was doing ok. About 2 years later I found a great job with full benefits so I took it. A bro in my KH wasn't doing too well with his job and since he had helped me a few times I offered to turn my customers over to him and would even let him use my equipment. It wasn't even three weeks later when I asked him how things were going and he said he couldn't do this anymore. Fact was that on his own, he was very lazy but when with someone else he would work. I asked him to return my equipment and he said he didn't have it, that he just left it at the last job and walked away from it all. I lost all my stuff and there was nothing I could do. A few months later this bro and his family kind of disapeared. He didn't want to be a JW anymore. Well, at least he did something right!

    Ethics and honesty do not exist when two JW's engage in a business transaction. One party ususlly gets screwed.


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