Young People Ask: Where do I go from here?

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  • stillajwexelder

    My advice Young People -- if you want to stay a witness - well done - it is a free world and we do have choice (until you get baptized that is) GO TO COLLEGE and at least have some fun

  • Preston

    When I left the organization, college was actually looked on quite favorably in our congregation... I'm glad I had the opportunity to get my bachelor's, what the WT has done is really just a case of too little too late, and it's hurt everyone in totality....

    - Preston

  • frenchbabyface

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  • AshtonCA

    My father entered Bethel at 17 years of age and did 3 years. He said it was the most horrid time of his life and he tried to get out of it, but they would not let him leave. Kinda sounds like the Armed Forces to me. He did however learn a lot and worked his entire life in the printing industry. He just retired this year from this industry.

    So, basically he spent 45 years as a printer. He never went to college, until in his adulthood. in the 70's, he and my mother went back to school and got their master degrees. I remember we stayed home (4 kids) alone while they went to night classes.

    One thing that happend to him while he was at Bethel was, when he was working on one of the presses, something broke off the press, I can't remember what, and hit him in the mouth and shoved one of his eye teeth up into the roof of his mouth. To this day, it is still up in there. It isn't noticeable, unless he mentions it.


  • CinemaBlend

    I really regret the way my future was sabotaged by the religion.

    I was a really bright guy, part of the talented and gifted program in my school, great grades, and I have a real talent for writing (not my opinion, teachers).

    But of course I had to be a pioneer and get a practical job. So I got practical jobs and my life went nowhere. So at 20 I fought with my family and decided I was at least going to community college. So I worked a full time job, went to community college, and yes, also pioneered.... needless to say I didn't sleep for about 3 years... and social life? Forget it. By the time I got my associates degree, all my old friends at the hall had abandoned me (I was too busy to hang out with them for three years), I was 22 years old and had never had a date, and now had a degree in a very PRACTICAL FIELD that might help me pioneer... a field which I hated.

    I could have gone a real school, had a life, and ended up doing something I love.

    Now I look at my brother in law... who is a BRILLIANTLY talented musician. I mean I've never seen anyone like him. He's been writing his own music since he was 12. Plays 4 or 5 instruments, sings. When he lived at home, whenever anyone heard him, they'd try to offer him a gig. He played at one or two coffee houses (played only his original music).... but wouldn't do more because of course he had to devote his life to Jehovah.

    Now my brother in law is at Bethel, folding laundry.

    His guitar is at his parents house in a closet.

    All that talent will go to waste.

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