Doctor who in the US

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  • blondie

    I watched it through the Peter Davison incarnation and then PBS dropped it locally. I wonder why SCI FI Channel has never picked it up? There is a new one starting up.

  • Simon

    Yay, I watched Dr Who even thought it scared me senseless sometimes (that one with the giant spiders on their backs, urgh !! )

    I even subscribed to the Dr Who Comic / Mag and got a signed photo from Tom Baker in a competition

    It's still very watchable when it's shown now despite the carboard effects. Tom Baker seemed to take it so seriously - easily the best Doctor.

  • Valis

    OMG I got edited! Dam you Simon! Dam you to field service!


    District Overbeer

  • avishai
    and got a signed photo from Tom Baker in a competition


    It's still very watchable when it's shown now despite the carboard effects

    Due to the great acting and writing. Douglas Adams (Hitchhikers guide, Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency, etc.,) was a writer during the Tom baker tenure. Tom Baker kicked ass.

  • ballistic

    Doctor who?

  • Preston

    I didn't watch Dr. Who....However I liked The Young Ones, and The Black Adder

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    that guy who plays dr. who looks just like this one engineer i used to work with. in fact, i used to call him dr. who... he was really smart but kinda arrogant, like he knew everything in the world. anyway i watched that show a few times... it didn't click with me for some reason. yikes what is it with me and British tv? although i do really like that one show "Keeping Up Appearances".. that is a riot!

    luv her outfit...

  • FlyingHighNow

    I & P, I believe the actress with Tom Baker/Dr.Who was his wife and died of cancer. Or was that just a rumor? My mother told me that I believe.

    Tom Baker was just awesome, it was hard for me to ever really accept it when he morphed into the next Dr. Who. I loved Peter in All Things Great And Small though.

    My favorite episode was the one where Dr. Who's scarf was sliced with an electric sword and the Dr. was more angry about his scarf being cut than he was scared of that sword. I also liked the Dodecahedron episode.

    Preston, that looks awfully like Mr. Bean.

  • Preston
    Preston, that looks awfully like Mr. Bean.

    Unfortunately, Mr. Rowan Atkinson will have to go his entire life with people telling him that instead of "Hey, the Black Adder"

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    I think whichever doctor you grew up with is the one you think is the best.

    So for me it is either Jon Pertwee or Tom Baker. The best programme ever!


    Btw, the new doctor is Chris Ecclestone of 'Shallow Grave' and '28 Days Later' fame.


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