Catholic's confession vs Judicial Committe

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  • Sunspot

    **The JW committee is set up to help people.

    No, actually David, they are there to judge the JWs. Very few elders are loving and compassionate, especially in matters of a personal nature.

    How many do YOU know that aren't scared spitless when facing a Judicial committee? Would they have been afraid of confessing to Jesus?

    I know how the WTS sneers at the Catholics, but when one of their members go to confession, they are heard, blessed and absolved in just a short time in saying whatever prayers the priest directs.

    JWs that are DFed (and seldom for "sinning" but for having the audacity to question certain beliefs) MUST go through a groveling period that allows the elders to determine when the "sinner" has repented enough, and is treated like pondscum by everyone in the KH including family members.

    Repentance is between us and God, and the WTS has climbed up in the seat of arrogance in trying to take Jesus' place.

    It is all about CONTROL, and showing the rest of the congregation just what will happen if you either question doctrine or make a human mistake.

    As far as the pedophile issue goes---I'm not condoning this or patting those priests on the back-----BUT-----at least they are coming clean and admitting they have/had a serious problem and they had dealt with it badly.Now they are attempting to make amends....unlike....

    The JWs sweep it under the rug and deny that it even happens--all supposedly to keep their image squeaky clean, or worrying about "bringing reproach upon Jehovah" nonsense.

    I'm pretty sure that Jehovah can take care of himself, and that he's not very pleased with ALL the children that have been molested among his (gag) "chosen and approved" people.

    We all have to make an accounting for our actions in the end. I doubt that the WTS/JWs will fare very well at all.


  • heathen

    Sunspot --- anyway you look at it, the catholic church had almost 2 thousand years to get things right and still has very little to show for it . There was a time when they were at least as intollerant to independent thinking as the j-dubs even more so with all the public executions in the dark ages to show what kind of cult mentality they had . AFA I'm concerned they have come through with way too little way too late . I have never had the desire to return to the catholic way of thinking either .

  • Sunspot

    **I have never had the desire to return to the catholic way of thinking either .


    Nor do I!!!!

    I was trying to point out that 1) the penance phase is much easier to deal with and doesn't involve making a person grovel for months and months, and 2) that despite their flaws and mistakes (whatever) that we ARE hearing how the RC's are taking the heat and dealing with these pedophiles.

    There's even a case running on Court/tv for a MA priest involving pedophile activities. The media has been reporting these cases on a national level for a number of years now. Maybe it's not much---but it sure beats the nominal coverage that the same types of cases are allowed to see concerning JWs.


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