My wife wants me to write down my questions

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  • M.J.

    I like the questions someone recently posted on the Faithful Discreet Slave:

    How did the men who ran the Watchtower Society in 1919 find out that Christ had made this appointment? Did Christ tell the men who ran the Society in 1919 that he had done so, while appearing to them in a dream or vision? Did he send an angel to deliver this news to them? If he did not, how did they find out that Christ had appointed them to be his "Faithful and Discreet Slave" and thereafter act as his sole channel for distributing Bible truth on the earth? If Christ did not actually tell them, in some unmistakable way, that he had made such an appointment, then how has anyone ever really known that Christ actually ever really did such a thing?

    It can be proven that Christ didn't tell them because they didn't even teach that they were the Faithful, Discreet Slave until well after 1919 (they still thought it was Russell)! Check out the whole post.

  • wannaexit

    You're inactive, good for you. They probably have left you alone then after 6 years. I would say not to stir the pot.

    If she shows your doubts to the elders , the elders will start hounding you. Who knows they might even find grounds to disfellowship you.


  • wannaexit
    I find that when a JW is told they are wrong about their faith, they will automatically defend their belief often with violent emotions, no matter how weak the point. Put the responsibility on your wife to prove it to you, instead of disproving you. There is a difference.


    You are so right. I've experienced this firsthand.

    A few years ago when I was still hard-core dub, my husband asked me a question at dinner. The question was this:

    "If Jesus has been RULING since 1914 does that mean that there are only 902 years left of his THOUSAND YEAR REIGN?"

    This question touched touched me deeply. I slammed my dish and walked away. But the more I thought about the more sense it made.

    This question was the first of many penetrating arrows that eventually cracked my JW armour. When the hot potato was thrown in my lap, I had to deal with it.

    It was the best thing hubby could have done for me.


  • Mary
    The reason I asked, Goldminer, is that "die hard" and "inactive" just doesn't mix. You know what I mean.

    Believe it or not, I know this feeling exactly. My father hasn't gone out in Service for 30 years, he misses half the meetings due to "sickness", and he got screwed out of his retirement plan, thanks to the assholes telling him when he was young that he didn't need to pay into any pension plan---Armageddon would be here long before he retired.

    Yet I would also label him a "die hard" Witness. He believes that no matter what problems are going on in the Organization, that this is still "the Truth" and he absolutely believes that it's being guided by Jehovah. We had a yelling argument a couple of years ago 5 minutes after Dateline aired the pedophile problem. He started yelling at me (as though the pedophile problem was my frigging fault) saying "you're always so negative about everything in the Organization! You don't go out in Service!" I yelled back "Neither do you!!" He sort of fumbled for a minute and said "Well, not as often as I should..."

    For some strange reason, even JWs who are inactive are quite often completely convinced that this is still "the Truth". I think much of it is based on the fact that no one wants to think that they've wasted their entire lives hoping for something that isn't going to happen.

    I would NOT write down any questions. There's certain questions that the elders "red flag" as potential "apostate" questions. The 607 BCE/586 BCE is probably numero uno, as the whole religion is based around it. They'll definitely want to meet with you for a little chat and when they can't answer your questions, they'll start questioning YOU as to whether or not you believe this is Jehovah's Organization. They don't have to come up with any proof whatsoever to show that it is (cause they can't), but even if you come up with all kinds of proof showing that it's NOT, then your ass is grass.

    Just be careful, whatever you do.

  • CoonDawg

    Ambiguity is they key...when they ask "Do you believe.....(fill in the blank) " just give them answers like "Well, I'm not sure I can answer that right now..." and things like that. They can't say you out and out reject them...but at the same time you don't affirm any concrete belief that you agree with.

    My wife is still a JW. We don't talk about religion much. She says she understands my reasons for leaving...and she hasn't been in field service for probably 10 years....but she still believes that the truths of god will triumph in spite of the imperfections of me. I asked her what if god isn't using them anymore? Would you follow another group that appears to have evidence of God's blessings instead? Then I point out that god dropped Israel and rejected them...and switched to another group. Die hards are still out there who refuse to make the change....(all of that according to common christian doctrine...not necessarily MY belief.)

    Good luck.


  • franklin J
    franklin J


    Since you asked, I would advise you NOT to write anything down.

    First of all, by doing so, you are validating that you take all this nonsense seriously; and that you accept that the teachings of Jehovahs Witnesses can , in fact, be actually verified. DO NOT PLAY THEIR GAME.

    Second, as has been mentioned in prior posts, this will be used against you ( these JWs being as "sly as a serpent and innocent as doves"; to quote their own literature)

    As for your wife; my personal response would be that if she loves you; she will accept you on your own terms. Is she having you prepare a list to compare with one she has made already; to compare notes of pros and cons; so to speak. Or is she having you prepare a list of objections for her to overcome with the help of an elder?

    My hunch is the latter. Try asking her to write down all the reasons she DOES want to continue a life in so controling a religion; a religion which makes her a second class citizen to you .

    Good luck, Frank

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