"Equilibrium" the movie is an example of the WTBTS

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  • Pole

    I like the scene when the little boy tells off his father for not having taken his dope.

    It was almost like: "Dad, have you prepared for the Watchtower study yet?".


  • Heatmiser


    I started a post about this movie a week or two ago and thought I was the only one that had seen this movie. I liked it alot and the first part of the movie is the WTBS wet dream of how the world should be. The "awakening" of the main character could realy draw comparasons of someone waking up to the total BS of the WTBS.

    This movie touched me on a deep level and the action scenes where pretty cool with a fighting style called Gun-Kata (just the name gets the testoserone going). The emotional development of the characters are what realy stand out in this movie.

    This movie only had a small release in USA. I had never even heard of it untill it started to show on one of the movie channels recently. It did however have a wide release in the European market.

    Heatmiser gives this movie

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