When does the "anger" subside.....?

by ScoobySnax 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gill

    I wasn't angry when I left the JWs. I left because I'd had enough. Two years later I started researching the WTBTS. Then I got angry. Unfortunately, I find that I'm more angry now than when I started. How could I have been so stupid as to believe such rubbish. Then when you tackle a JW on anything they come out with cult talk. 'We're all imperfect'. 'We never said we were the only ones who would survive Armageddon' ...you know, the usual rubbish.

    Their arrogance makes me MAD. They just want to believe that they're better than everyone else and they judge others and eachother constantly. Making me mad just thinking about it.

    I hope, and I believe this is just a phase in the process and that it will fade in time. I hope to just laugh them off soon as just a daft bunch of people who want to be in a controlling cult to make themselves feel safe.

    Hmmmm. Feel better already having got that off my chest!

  • LittleToe

    I find that imagining them naked except for a pair of socks gives the most effective results.

    They are so petty it's ridiculous!

  • Golf

    Scooby, it's a closed chapter in my life. I took what I can from it. If you don't want to be my friend, so be it, is my approach. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. I've got things to do and I pursue them. I've accomplished many projects with this attitude. My life does not hinge on what people think of me, these very same people do not food on my table, I do.

    You gotta take the bull by the horns in life. For me, it was my mom. It's been settled a few years ago, but you gotta settle it. The sooner the better.

    I wish you the best.


  • Honesty

    It may better be termed as righteous indignation rather than anger due to the apostasy that permeates the WTBTS. They have a saying, "Don't bring reproach on Jehovah." that describes their actions, attitudes, beliefs and heart condition. Just a group of self serving "righteous" hypocrites that justify themselves by believing that they are "Happy whose God is Jehovah." If they keep the attitudes and beliefs one day they just may find out just how unhappy Jesus is with them.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    It's part of the grieving process, and varies for everyone. I barely went through any.

    That's it. I felt more disgust and contempt honestly. Now I really don't care what that organization does. Sometimes I wonder what I'm still doing here as apathetic as I feel toward the Witnesses. To be fair however, I don't have them in my face as others do. I would probably feel differently if Nina had stayed in.

  • RunningMan

    I think we go through phases.

    Initially, I was in denial. I simply ignored the facts.

    Then, I was angry. How could this publishiing company steal so much from me?

    Then, I wanted to evangelize. I wanted to deconvert everyone. I wrote articles and formulated arguments.

    Then, I accepted it, and gleaned a few philosphical lessons from it. I was even able to recall the good parts about it.

    The last phase, and I'm not sure if I'll ever get to it, is normalization. Living life on the outside as if it had never happened - basically not being a Witness, but also no longer being an ex-Witness. Maybe my kids will get there.

  • Mulan

    My anger comes and goes. Just when I think I'm over it, something happens that triggers it all over again.

    I guess it takes more years.

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