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  • truth_about_the_truth

    On the train yesterday on the way home from work, I saw someone sitting in front of me reading a KM. Apparently a sister studying for the service mtng. The funny thing was that I noticed that she was underlining EVERY word in the article she was studying. I mean every single word! It even looked like the previous weeks article was underlined that way too. By the end of the month, the whole KM would be underlined!

    Why not just get a big rubber stamp with lines on it and stamp it (How bout that for a DC release? The underlining stamp with the WT logo as the handle.) Have you ever known ppl like that?

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    One day while sitting in the waiting room at my doctors office a man, his wife, and two kids around 10 or 12 came in. They sat down and the mom pulled out 4 watchtowers and handed them out and they started to study. The husband and wife looked all serious, but the kids looked rather mortified and annoyed. I felt embarassed for them. My mom and dad would never have pulled a stunt like that. On the other hand, maybe if my mom and dad had done that I would still be in. Thanks mom and dad.

  • keeshah

    I would "fake it" when it came to studying for the WT lesson. I would make a little game out of it. I would look at the first word in the question and go thru the whole paragragh looking for that word. When I found it, I would underline from the beginning of the sentance to the comma, or the comma to the end of the sentance. Then I would look at the next word in the question and search thru the rest of the paragragh. I would do this until I got to the end of the paragragh or the end of the question.

    It looked like a was such a good girl and studied my whole lesson. In reality, I didn't have a CLUE what the lesson was about because I didn't even read it!

    When someone looked over my shoulder they would think that I was SO dedicated and spiritual... (batting eyes and smiling like a little princess)


  • keeshah


    did it look like she was... um... developmentally delayed???

  • seattleniceguy

    Man, that used to make me laugh, and also kind of cry on the inside at the same time. I mean, look, if you're highlighting every word, what is the purpose of highlighting? To remind yourself that you already read that line?

    It's kind of like my graphic designer always says: All bold is no bold.


  • xjw_b12

    Answer to A highlighted in red

    Answer to B highlighted in blue

    Answer to C highlighted in green

    Quoted scriptures highlighted in yellow

    notes in margin written in black

    doodle pictures on bottom of page

    because you're so fyukin bored, done with pencil left over from Written Review

    ( pencil with eraser being the first choice so you could correct your answers as they were being reviewed and convince yourself that was actually your first choice)

  • keeshah

    Yuck! "written review"! I HATED that! Do they still do it?

  • upside/down

    I actually got reproved once FOR NOT USING A HIGHLITER!

    I was the reader for the WT study and some "goody goods" were "stumbled", because they noticed my Tower wasn't underlined and highlited with the YELLOW marker (how pagan of me).

    I pointed out that I underline only KEY WORDS and THOUGHTS and that since I was reader I did it in PENCIL so as to not confuse myself when I read. I was told to change my underlining so as to be visible to all and set a good example.

    After 12 years as reader I quit.


  • the_classicist

    My old philosophy/english prof. used to say that when the page was filled up with underlining or highlighting as you described, it means you aren't really reading or paying attention. I think its because there aren't much high level abstractions in the magazines, just fluff or real stretches of "logic."

  • truth_about_the_truth

    I agree classicist, it's one thing to feel the need to underline abstract thoughts or high level information. What's the point of underlining the same ole info about "more field service, more meeting attendance, more personal study?" Is that so difficult to comprehend?

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