Monopoly - Bethel /JW Edition

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  • TheEdge

    OhioCowboy -that is Sooooo funny.

    ''you've won second prize in a beauty contest - '' toughie

  • Jez

    The properties could be 'territory cards' You try to collect all of the same 'territory' and then once you have all the same colors, you can then start to PREACH in those colors.

    Instead of building houses, you build little ppl onto your territory. If another player lands on your territory, you read out your card and it might say something like, "If 3 ppl=must pay $100 to cover costs of publications"

    Congregation chest could say things like:

    "That time of the month! Pay $5.00 to contribution box"

    "You forgot to hand in your time, Pay service attendant $10"

    "Caught gossiping, pay elders wife $10 because you stole her position as chief gossiper"

    "You gave up the back row for a family of 4, collect $20!!"

    "You talk got all g's. Wow. Collect $30"

    I could go on, but I will stop.

    The figurines that move around the board could be 'elder' 'rank and file' 'anointed' 'book study conductor' 'child' etc.


  • POs Son
    POs Son

    This really is a humorous thread. I ran a Google search for "make your own Monopoly" and got a slew of links to a $25US blank board game set up like Monopoly with labels etc to make it your own.

    Here is one link:

  • TheEdge

    Jez - you're a genius! THEN I got to thinking about that Sims Game (the 'burbs).The Du(r)bs? - I need a hobby badly!

  • Honesty

    Chance card:

    Invite the CO to spend his 'visit' at your house. Pay $200 plus his laundry bill for the week of upbuilding conversation.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    hows about each player representing a different evangelical religion and the blocks being territories they have dominated

    and you can build churches and temples and kingdom halls on teach property (^_^)

  • holly

    haha that it so funny. you could have blood donor centre, give a pint of blood and get 40 pieces of silver extra and an identity exchange

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