Has Anyone Ever Been "Shafted" By The Organization??

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  • mama

    Hi Bliss, i feel for ya. Same thing happened to the assh*** that abused my hubby and many others, he got away with it for years until someone went against the elders and took the jerk to court. They then had no choice but to df him but a year later he was reinstated, in another hall and back out in service, yuck! Luckily, a little birdie alerted the local paper to his criminal record, and he is now known for what he is. Hope you and your family can heal from the horrors you suffered at the hands of those so called godly men! Take care, and never look back. Mama

  • gumby

    You get shafted at baptism.....or close to being baptised. If you always keep smoking, you'll never get baptised or shafted.<<<< Marlboro Man Also...if ya smoke, you'll never have to go door to door.

    Smokers rule!


  • stillajwexelder

    All those silent lambs see Bill Bowen

    Depends what you mean by shafted - I think being lied to all those years was being sahfted so that makes all of us

  • orangefatcat

    shaft·ed, shaft·ing, shafts

    1. To equip with a shaft.
    2. Slang. To treat in a harsh, unfair way: ?He had been shafted by the press quite a bit? (Frank Deford).

    [Middle English, from Old English sceaft .]

    Yes I too have been shafted. I was a pioneer in Montreal I was a fun loving carefree person who enjoyed good times and good friends. It doesn't take long though to really see who your friends are.

    My younger sister and I lived to gether and pioneered to gether. She was very impressionable, easily swayed by others. She was only 16 and I was 19. Our choice of friends were different. I could see through her fickel friends that they were trying to turn her away from me, by convincing her I was not good association, I went out alone at night, I talked to strangers, and get this one , I didn't curl my hair and wear makeup and dress the way they thought I should dress. Two other pioneers in particular treated me like trash, but thought my sister was great. I think they were jealous as I had a lot more friends in the hall. They did everything you can think of to make me look bad in the congregation. Once at a bible study I took a sister with me she had to leave early. The family I studied with were Italiens. Yes they became JWs. Anyways this young sister lives two doors over from us and she calls my sister to tell her that I am running late. She told my sis that I had been drinking alot of wine and was drunk at my bible study. So when I got home , my sister lead into me like a steam engine. Are you drunk? I said of course not, I had a glass of wine and some bread with the family. Well she said that sis so and so says you were drunk and I am going to call the elders on you. Well it took me a few minutes to calm her down and I told her that if she believed the other sis I said go ahead and call the elders as I have a mouth full of things I want to tell them. Well my sis. is seeing for herself I am not drunk, so she telephones the sis I went on the study with and she tells her (my sister) that Terry isn't drunk, and the kid then tell my sis, oh I was just kidding about it. Well they had a exchange of words. This sisster that went with me eventually apoligized for what she said. I told her you should be sorry, you lied and I almost got in trouble because of you.

    Let me tell you I was with in a stones throw of leaving. Between that sis. and those other two pioneers and another jealous sister who lived with us, they all decide to go to the brothers with made up accusations so that I would be removed as a pioneer. The elders called me and said they wanted to talk to me. I said sure. I thought they were going to commend me for my ministry and learning french. Wow was I in for a major suprise. It was a tar and feather meeting. They said they were going to remove me as a pioneer. I begged them not to and told them it was all lies. So anyway the elders mail this letter to the society. I get a letter from the society and its not nice. I told them the Circuit overseeer saw the letter you wrote and the reply I got and said I am finished as a pioneer. I was fed up. The CO was unhappy with my decsion to leave as he knew me so very well as I use t o visit them all the time when they lived in our Kingdom Hall. He knew me well because we had heart to heart talks together. He told me that I was bigger than the rest of those others. He told me to hold my head up high. Well I did and then another incident occoured and thats was the end. I told the congregation elders I didn't need people in the cong. lying about me and you are convinced that they are telling you the truth and you didn't even so much as come to me and talk to me about things so I am stepping down as a pioneer . I am not going to give any of you the satifaction of removing me. For several months the brothers begged me to reconsider my decsion and I said no way. Then I got married, and then one month I decided to vaction pioneer. The elder came to the house and said absoulety you can vaction pioneer.

    As it turned out though I got quite ill and wasn't able to put in the 75 hours. But they never questioned it nor did they ever question anything else I did. They knew they were in the wrong and in fact many years later I met one of those committee elders and he came over an apologized for his behaviour years earlier. Yes to little too late.

    So yes in that way I was shafted , spoken about in lies , treated harshly,. I am so glad I am no longer a JW, because it was not the last time I had things like this happen to me there were instances over the years up until the time I left the organization. One sister felt so terrible that she had engaged in gossip about me before she even took the time to see what kind of a person I was. She and I are still best of friends today. Plain and simple there are so many hypocrites who go to the KH with their phony faces and pretend they are the best christians in the cong. I can tell you in all sincereity I never ever did anything bad to anyone.


  • Carmel

    Ha, I got the gold, left them the shaft!


  • Honesty

    "Shafted" by the Organisation?

    Is that the same as being spiritually violated?

    If so, everyone who has ever been in the borg is a rape victim.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Yeah. I watched these people take advantage of my dad all my life. He had a shop and property. He ended up donating the property that the Ukiah hall is built on. He was always the first in line to help the 'brothers' with their cars, trucks, busses, make up work for 'brothers' who could not find a job, give money that we *did not have to spare* especially when the hall payment was due and the contributions were not enough, etc., etc., etc.

    His family went without on many occations, I don't know how many meals we had that were rice and raisins and that's it, and he is giving stuff away to the organization who treated him like crap because certain 'ones' could never get over the fact that he had been disfellowshipped in the 60's!!

    Now in his 80's, he doesn't even own his house, and is still working in that shop and has never been able to do anything he wanted to do for himself because he 'chose' to give it all to the borg. He'll probably drop dead in that damn shop, and I doubt seriously that anyone will even let me know. *crying*

    I hate that damnable organization and their pompous, arrogant, judgemental, life-sucking leaders.


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    shafted; in some ways yes. My story is mild compared to some on this forum who truly sacrificed their lives in dedication to the Watchtower.

    I got out reletively young before they could really shaft me in more permanent ways. But I did fight back before they could disfellowship me. I was young enough to move on with my life.

    Dad was an Elder and told me that they were "railroading me to disfellowshipping". That was a long time ago and I exited before they could really cut loose on me.

    What I missed ; and feel I was shafted over about ; was fun in childhood; childhood friends and memories of childhood holidays. I made up for lost time and rebuilt my life; edited to eliminate all the JW nonsense. It is , however; where I came from and I cannot forget my roots; accept it; deal with it and move on.

    Life has been good to me; the best revenge on the Watchtower is living well.

  • minimus

    Wonderful and sad replies........BTW, Mama, the reason the elders asked you about whether you enjoyed sex with this man was to make sure you really weren't a lesbian.

  • minimus

    The elder that got deleted for going to my inactive daughter's wedding to a "worldly" man, finally got his old elder's job back after 5 years! They made an example out of him. I was hoping he would have figured out how corrupt the Organization was but he needed to be an Elder again.

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