When did you notice the yearly pattern of JW life?

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  • truthseeker

    How long was it before you became aware that your activities as a JW were the same this year as last year?

    Discounting the regular "5 meetings a week" and "Saturday field service", let's look at the average year in a JW's life, beginning with the September service year..


    If you haven't been to your District Convention you will this month. New service year, so if you're a pioneer, work out your schedule for this service year.


    Review the District Convention notes.

    Special offer of the month: Awake and Watchtower magazines


    Maybe it's your CO's visit - change your meeting schedule. School and Service meeting on Tuesday evenings, book study on Thursday evenings.

    Special offer of the month: Awake and Watchtower magazines


    Might it be time for the Circuit Assembly? Prepare your hearts now to absorb the rich spiritual food from the "faithful slave."


    It's winter now, so make sure you have a good supply of return visits.

    Review the "No Blood" video and get your DPA signed by two witnesses. Ponder over whether or not you will accept blood fractions.

    Take the Booking A Hotel 101 short evening course at the service meeting. Learn which hotels you can go to and which to avoid.

    Pray now, so you can get the time off from your employer to attend all three days of this fine program.


    Attend your "Special Assembly Day" and come away feeling SAD.

    Special offer of the month: Any book published prior to 1990.


    *** Memorial Season ***

    This "festival" lasts approximately three months. Pray to Jehovah so that you can find the circumstances to auxiliary pioneer; or at least "have a full share in Jehovah's service."

    Start inviting your bible studies, friends, relatives, teachers, bosses and pets to the Memorial. Offer to pick them up if they need a lift. Reinforce in their minds, that they are not to partake of the wine and crackers.

    If any of you are anointed, please check your medication to make sure your hope is real.

    If any of you THINK you're anointed, and you're not yet 90, you're too young.

    Attend the Memorial. Don't forget to study the "Memorial Reading", in addition to the regular study of the daystext, and your regular Bible reading.

    Special Offer of the month: The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived


    Special Circuit Overseers Talk

    Special Offer of the Month: Awake and Watchtower magazines

    Review the Circuit Assembly program from last year.


    Review guidelines for attending and preparing for this summer's district convention.

    Sisters - carefully measure your outfits to make sure you do not stumble anyone.

    Elders - you may need to shave more than once a day to be presentable.


    Longer daylight hours affords more opportunity for evening witnessing. Make it a matter of prayer.

    Special offer of the month: Worship the only true God


    District convention season begins. Let's hope you make all 3 days and pay rapt attention. View the message as coming from Jehovah himself.


    If you're a pioneer, I hope you're doing OK with your hours, else, enjoy a couple of weeks vacation. Don't forget to attend the congregation in the town you're staying in. Remember - there is no vacation from Jehovah's Organization.

    Special Offer of the Month: Draw Close to Jehovah


    If you haven't been to your District Convention you will this month. New service year, so if you're a pioneer, work out your schedule for this service year.


    You get the message, right?

    And on and on it goes. I'm sure I've missed something.

    This repetitive pattern of forced JW activity results in a stale, mechanical way of worship and thoughtless ministry, except for those true blue believers.

    Did you notice the yearly pattern of JW activity? Were you bored with it at the time?

  • willyloman

    Wow, trip down memory lane.

    Here's my new schedule:

    September: Get in a last long weekend before the weather cools; plan a weekend trip to the beach.

    October: Halloween is coming; start thinking about what you'll wear or, in some cases, how you'll avoid having to dress up. Notice how innocent most of the fun is, and how happy the children are to dress up like their favorite cartoon or movie characters and get tons of forbidden fruit (candy).

    November: Get mellow as Turkey Day nears and the warm holiday spirit begins to permeate the entire world, a "world" that used to frighten you because of all the scare stories you spent hours listening to on a weekly basis.

    December: Dammit; Christmas just doesn't last long enough!

    January: Start thinking about whose house you're gonna get invited to for Super Bowl Sunday; maybe even host the party this year, invite some cool people from work.

    February: Valentine's Day. How hokey! But, hey, it's fun. It's nice to be liked by others.

    March: I guess I ought to find a weekend to work on taxes. Oh, well, at least I have a job and can PAY taxes.

    April: Easter Sunday comes and goes. Do you suppose we missed another Memorial? It must have been in there, somewhere.

    May: Here comes summer. Guess I'd better think about dropping five pounds.

    June: Baseball! Picnics! Swimming! Trips to the beach, camping, travel, vacation. What we worked for all year.

    July: A lot like June, but with fireworks.

    August: Wife's birthday; plan two-day party, fly all the kids in to surprise her.

  • prophecor

    Not Until Now!

    Though I don't think I was there long enough to recognize the rote, the rote, the rote, the rote, the rote, the rote, the rote, the rote," bitch slapped ",

    I'm sorry, was I saying something?

  • stillajwexelder

    The articles in the magazines tend to have a seasonality also

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    now when u go on vacation, instead of finding out where the nearest kingdom hall is, u have to find a computer with internet, so that u dont miss any of the wonderful JWD brain-food. brothers, sisters, do we ever really take a vacation from JWD??? NO WE DONT!!!

  • Tigerman

    prophecor . . .you paint a beautiful picture, I can see it now. xjws everywhere, walking into halls all over the world at the exact same, predetermined time and " bitch slapping" every elder in the house. The slap heard around the world !

  • Tigerman

    Didn't mean to hijack if I did . Apologies.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Very interesting, Truthseeker.

    I was about 23 when this began to bother me. It didn't seem to matter what was going on in the world, or family life, the WTBTS seemed to march on in an unexplained rut, and us dubbies just followed like a bunch of lemmings. Whenever one of us caught a glimps of the cliff up ahead, one of our fellow lemmings would point us back into the routine, and then sight of the cliff was lost for a while.

    Routine is a classic brainwashing technique, get someone to do something over and over until, even if they didn't agree with it at first, it becomes familiar and reassuring; then they'll keep doing it thinking it is their own free will.


  • Aude_Sapere
    If any of you are anointed, please check your medication to make sure your hope is real.


  • prophecor

    TY TGM

    Really though, have you ever seen the Kingdom Ministries, that they were all color coded for 90 days at a time, year after year. They were purple for 90 days, then another color etc. etc., and when you match them up, April for 88 was the same as 90 and so on and so forth.

    I found it interesting back then, brought it up to a sister and never thought much about it, until now.

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