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  • LittleToe

    Preston:While it might be all new and enchanting, not everything has to be described in terms of oriental beliefs ;-)

    By "Pendle" do you mean pentagram?

  • Vivamus

    There is a conflict of language here . Pendel, the Dutch word, can also mean the thing witches in Charmed use for scrying. I have no clue how to translate it.... The dictionary offers me no answer, maybe the translation is pendulum? It is a crystal hanging on a string, you hold it in your hand, keep your hand still and ask things. The crystal will move in 1 direction for "yes" and in another direction for "no". It's simply explained by the muscles in your arms. When you in your mind answer yes or no, the tension of your muscles vary. You can experiment it by having a willing victim. Ask your victem to hold out his/her arms. Place your own hands on the arms and try to push them down. While you do this, let your victem say "YES, YES, YES" - you will be able to push the arms down. Then repeat the experiment but then let him say "NO, NO, NO" - no way you will be able to push the arms down.

  • LittleToe

    Ah, a pendulum.

    Thanks Viv

  • frenchbabyface

    YEP to me it's a skill ...

    Precision : normal or paranormal ...

  • scootergirl

    When I had my "reading" done..I never spoke a word. Never answered a question and what was eerie is the details that this woman knew. Was enough to convince me that I do believe that some do have a "gift". I tried very hard to not show any expression on my face or give any indication of body language that she could pick up on. Was a really cool experience..but kinda spooky.

  • Country_Woman

    LittleToe, while I know that there are things that can't be explained logical, I don't think this woman was a real medium. For instance: when she took the picture of my mother, she asked me if my mother was still alife - while on top of the card was printed: Remember her as she was... with the date of birth and dead.... The future wil show if she was telling something real....

    Sorry for my use of the word "pendel" in stead of pendulum...

    But using it in front of an elders house is FUN - do admit it.

  • LittleToe

    "Fun" would have been if it smashed it's way through your car window and their door, and whistled around their house a few times, before returning to ya


  • Country_Woman

    Okay, you beat me

    but it ain't a boomerang......

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