The Witchtower - Wonder if Brooklyn has seen this?? LOLOL

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    oops those aren't it!



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    Does this show?

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    "Journal of Wiccan Belief and Practice" The next time you hear a knock at the door and your friendly neighborhood Jehovah Witness, Mormon, or Christian Evangelizer is standing there eager, to hand you their pamphlets and literature, be prepared to
    hand them one of your own!

    The concept for the "Witchtower" began several years ago as a humorous statement included in an article Arawyn sent to the "Faith and Values Letters" section of the local newspaper.

    "Wiccans do not proselytize!
    We will not knock on your door, preach on streetcorners,
    stand in front of supermarkets handing out copies of the "Witchtower",
    or mail videos of the "Wiccan Way" to your home."

    Many friends and fellow Wiccans encouraged him to actually produce a "Witchtower" magazine. a pamphlet containing information on Wiccan belief and practices. The "Witchtower" is to be given out in trade for tracts, pamphlets and books being handed to "Us" by religious evangelists, or given to people requesting more information on Wicca.

    This first issue is a 10 page pamphlet with front and back covers. The pamphlet is created in Word 2000 format. The pages print in two columns and two-sided on three standard 8 1/2" 11" sheets. The sheets are designed to be folded in half and bound with a single staple to create the pamphlet.

    This is how it works. Purchase the "Witchtower" with a "Buy It Now".
    Pay us through PayPal or money order.
    We will e-mail you the "Witchtower" Word 2000 file.
    Then you may print out and assemble the pamphlet.
    Make as many copies as you would like.
    Only give out the "Witchtower" in trade for evangelistic tracts, pamphets, or books offered to you Or to those requesting information on Wicca.
    Please do Not sell the "Witchtower" or change it's contents.

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    The UK one is similar but this one is specifically geared to give to JWs and it even has the tower on the front. Very clever. Can't believe they haven't gone after them for the copyright thing!

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    Can't believe they haven't gone after them for the copyright thing!

    Yeah, especially lately with them going after Quotes and similar sites.

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