International assemblies - $$$$ aspect

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  • orangefatcat

    I feel just terrible for you mom. She must have been devastated. I know I would be. But the icing on the cake is that the Society wouldn't return her deposit. That is a lot of money to lose when you are living on a fixed income or for anyone for that matter.

    It doesn't sound right. Because as a rule when a package is that expensive they should automatically have got insurance in case of not being able to go. Like if she were ill they still wouldn't give her deposit back.? It doesn't make sense. I would have your mom check that out and see if insurance was made availabe at the time of booking. I know when I have travelled in the past I took out insurance and got my money back. You know she could have paid about 1500.00$ round trip and stayed with a witness. I am sure that there are many witnesses who would gladly welcome her into their home. She still has time to write the Brothers in Austraila and tell the brothers she is looking for a pen pal and then she could correspond with a witness friend and maybe they would open their home for her to stay during the convention. I mean $5000.00 is really expensive. I know Australians are very very friendly people too.

    I have had a cyberfriend in Australia for several years . They are a wonderful family not witnesses. But they told me if I just got to Australia they would take care of me. My friend said even if I didn't have enough money they would see that I had a wonderful memorable stay with them. I have a sister and brother in law in Queensland and I have my niece and nephew with their families there. They are all Jehovah's witnesses. So maybe your mom could get a penpal or cyberpal witness. I think it would be worth a try.

    I just feel so sad for her though. I think if they don't give her money back they are really quite cruel as they all know of her finicial circumstances. And as someone said I guess that Jehovah didn't answer prayer. So she must be feeling pretty terrible.

    My thought are with you and her.

    Love Orangefatcat.

  • outoftheorg

    Looking at your mothers age and financial situation and the fact that this was done by a so called charitable organization, and it is NOT REFUNDABLE, I would bet that there is an attorney or at least some news papers and tv stations that would love to get this information.

    If it were my mother they would surely hear from me.

    I would pay to have an attorney mail the wbts with a threat of legal action and the elders individually.

    Do the same "wait on jehovah thing" by using the legal system.

    Actually I would truly raise hell! Of course your mother would probably be agast. Or maybe not?


  • steve2

    Tickled, living close to Australia, my eyes popped when I read your account. Judging by the current NZ dollar exchange rate, I could go on a round the world return-trip, with a multi-city stop off throughout Europe and Asia and still have money left over when I got back. And the NZ exchange rate is less than the US rate - you guys could buy much more with your dollar in foreign countries than I could - but I could still do it with less than five grand! Oh, and it would be closer to three weeks than a measly 12 days. Someone's making a tasty little profit out of this. "Faithful and discreet" my big toe!

    What bugs me is, the Watchtower must have clout among travel agents. I bet the big wigs in Brooklyn get flown everywhere at a cheap rate. Why on earth can't the watchtower come up with a cut-rate travel deal with travel agents for the rank and file? It's a big enough organization to be able to do this. Goodness knows, when I was working for the local university, I was able to get some really good, cut-rate travel deals because of the university's clout. Don't tell me that the Watchtower, if it wanted to, could not get a really competitive deal for people like your mother. I really feel so much for the poorer people in the ranks. It gets to me.

    It doesn't take too much imagination to see that, it would only take a relatively few cancellations across a big country such as the States for the Watchtower to rake in a lot of money. And, on top of that the five grand is unjustifiably exorbitant to begin with.

    Best advice I can give anyone, leave the JWs, go to your local travel agent and see the world!

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