Would Jesus shun anyone?

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  • JH

    I can't imagine Jesus shunning anyone. On the contrary, he went towards those who needed help the most.

    If the JW's followed Jesus footsteps, they wouldn't shun.

  • Greenpalmtreestillmine

    I whole heartedly agree!!

  • Tigerman

    Only Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    I don't think he would, not even the upset brother in the parable of the prodigal.

  • barry

    Jesus went out of his way to assist comfort and encourage those whome others despised. Those who did the despising were the religious people of the day they were good people and they felt ethically compelled to do so.

    They were mistaken.

    The most offensive sins in Gods sight are pride arrogance and a spirit of condemnation. The religious people in christs time said' this man receives sinners'

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    no, Jesus wouldn't do such a despicable thing. Jesus was all about love.

  • dh

    Even Satan couldn't mislead Jesus, so of course no man could, therefore he had nothing to fear and could not be mislead by bad associations.

    Men on the other hand, are not Jesus, and can be mislead, hence shunning to keep the congregation safe.

    (This isn't my opinion but it's the sort of response I would expect a JW to come out with if posed with that question.)

  • eyeslice

    No - the whole shunning thing is a JW dogma not a Bible directive.

    As far as I can see, Jesus had nothing but sympathy and kind words for his betrayer, Judas. During my departure from the JWs, I argued that Jesus always treated individuals with dignity and kindness. Where Jesus had strong words, it was against the attitude and action of 'groups', e.g. the Pharisees, money changers; not any individual within that group.

    Shunning is used by cults to maintain power and control over the rank and file.


  • new light
    new light

    You know your religion is a house of cards when shunning is the official way to deal with sinners and dissenters, in spite the loving example set by your claimed King. I mean, if they had the truth, their beliefs would stand up to any question asked by a former member. If Jesus came to judge the human race, the G.B., the Writing Committee, anyone who knowingly distorted and covered up Jesus' message would be on the top of the "People to Kill" list.

  • new light
    new light

    I was just picturing this scene. I know it's petty and grudgeful, but imagine everyone dies and goes to heaven and the JWs get treated the same way they treated everyone on earth. "Oh, Timmy, you can't play with that boy, he's a JW" Or everyone goes out preaching (bear with me) on Saturday morning except the JWs, so they can be woken up on a 5 degree morning by a 2nd-grader holding cheesy depressing magazines.

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