When It Snows, It's an Avalanche!

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  • Sunspot


    I'm so sorry that all these things are hitting you from all sides, I can relate to it entirely. I recall many times when I hated answering the phone cuz it always seemed like bad news was on the other end.

    These things shall pass, as they say, and you just have to plod through it one step at a time. Things *do* have a way of working out and the sun WILL begin to shine again. Sending my love and hugs,


  • Valis

    Dam Brenda...looks like the unmaker is hard at work in your life. I'm sorry to hear of your family's tragedies. Please keep us informed and above all take some time out for yourself.

  • seeitallclearlynow


    I'm so sorry for all your stress and heartache. If talking to someone would help at all, I've left my number.

  • Fleur


    I'm sorry things are so bad right now...thinking of you...



  • outnfree

    Oh, yeah! There's news on these fronts, too...

    My nephew is in ICU as of yesterday. They managed the catheterization and none of his arteries are clogged. A CT Scan will be performed today of his lungs, since they, too, are compromised, but bottom line is that his heart is working at only 15% capacity and he needs a heart transplant because his ventricles cannot push the blood hard enough to oxygenate his other organs.

    My father in law had 90% of the tumor removed from his colon, but my sister-in-law (a geriatric RN) told me that his systems are beginning to shut down. He is 84 and has had a long and good life, but I don't think my husband is actually processing the fact that his father's dying process has begun.

    It's all very sad, but out of my control and I have my Lena as my primary cause right now, so requesting more prayers from you all and myself is about all I can do.

    I've been getting messages BIG time lately to learn to "Let Go," "Surrender & Release" and the gods are not letting me be in a position to do anything other than that, are they?



  • pettygrudger

    "Let Go and Let God" ((Brenda))

    As a wise friend of ours would say - there's a lesson to be learned

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