The Old International assemblies

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  • pratt1

    I remember back in the lat 60's earlier 70's the International conventions. I thought they were great and we always had Dubs from around the world who would stay at our house for the assembly.

    One of my best memories is about a group of young sisters from the mid wet who had never really known any black people who stayed at my house and stayed in our guest bedroom during the 7 day assembly .

    They were really great and really pretty so it was a great time for me.

    They corresponed with us for many years after.

    I remember sneaking down to the guest bathroom to take a glimpse at the them while they took a shower.

    Did any of you either travel and stay with witiness families for a convention or house witinesses during a convention that you would like to share those experiences?

  • Nosferatu

    Yeah, I went to a convention in Saskatoon in 1988. We had to stay in a house with other JWs. They were fvcking miserable people. The kids were great though! I clearly recall the two year old's name, "Jedediah".

  • Poztate
    I remember sneaking down to the guest bathroom to take a glimpse at the them while they took a shower.

    No on second thought I don't think I will ask...

  • happy man
    happy man

    This topic made me feel very melankolic, i was 21 when I was wisiting New york forst time, 1969.

    A swed boy as never have seen a subway before, this was the most exiting expiriens i my life, only one time more it have been more exiting and this was 1973, when i was there again, now littel older, never foreget the beutiful girls we meet ther, and the hospitality we have from brothers and sisters.

    This is one of good things in my JW life, as I want to spare , and now when I sitt here much older, thinking about feeling realy good.

    Life has goning away so fast, much to fast I think, we have now unother time , but it is sure very good to sitt here fare upp in the north and talk to peopel from all around the word, realy amazing development, I have thaugts about to go ther again but I dont know if i have the curige to this, even if it is very cheep to travel now widh the cheep dollar.

    love HM

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute
    I remember sneaking down to the guest bathroom to take a glimpse at the them while they took a shower.

    but that part's a joke right? that's why we have pornography... so that we dont have to sneak peeks

  • sistaintheback

    I remember going to one many years ago in Houston, Texas in 1972. It was in the Astro Dome and Astro World was right across the street. We stayed with some witnesses in the area and it was a blast. At intermission we actually walked across to Astro World and rode rides. We got back to the assembly late and the program had already resumed. My parents were with us. They were younger then and they rode the rides too. They were newly baptized and hadn't been in long enough to know that this was inappropriate. Can you imagine us in our dresses on a rollercoaster? It was the most fun I ever had at an assembly.

  • Sunspot

    I stayed once in the '70s with a really nice family, an elderly mother, a daughter and *her* teen-age daughter. They were so sweet and so old-fashioned. The older sister was from the deep south and so different from any one I ever knew before. Even the teen said "yes m'am" and "no M'am" when spoken to, and the house was extremely clean 24/7. No clutter whatsoever. It was a nice experience.

    I've heard of some nightmares from others though so I considered myself quite lucky. You just never know!

    The last Int'l assembly I was in a hotel near the Copps colosseum. It was beautiful but I can't think of the name of it.


  • Poztate
    Can you imagine us in our dresses on a rollercoaster? It was the most fun I ever had at an assembly.

    Yes I can.......

  • Valis

    I remember going to one in New Orleans in 76 or so? We stayed in a dorm with two older brothers. Actually some of the better memories of my early childhood. I got a wooden boat and would try it out on all the fountains I found. Going to the cheesy restuarant with the pirate ship theme where I had one huge meatball with my spaghetti and going on the riverboat.. I can even remember coloring the Louisiana history coloring book during the sessions....Probably also one of the reasons I love New Orleans as well.


    District Overbeer

  • Forscher

    The last two were in 1973 & 1978. I went to the one in New Orleans as well(1978). All the friends in our congo were booked in the same hotel. And the elders tried to control every aspect of what we did! However, I did have a great time in spite of them! A young friend and I were among the ones who climbed up to the very top row of the stadium between sessions just to see what it was like up in the nosebleed section.

    I remember how the word was put around that any JW caught on Bourbon Street would face a Judicial Committee. I also remember thinking how hypocritical it was when I found out that the rooming department was putting people in hotels on the very same Bourbon Street! Oh well, those were the days!

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