Anybody With Sleep Apnea?

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  • Rabbit

    Prophesor & others,

    I had no idea so many of you also had this problem. And y'all are right on about all the problems it causes. The solution is bulky and uncomfortable to wear and those midnight leaks....aaarghh! But, the change in my life was amazing. I was alert and content, my crabbiness went away and I had ENERGY again.

    I thought for a long time...that my 'waking up in a panic and try to catch my breath' was due to an unremembered dream or more likely a seizure, I have epilepsy. I mentioned it off-hand to my Doc...he stopped, came back in and listened carefully.

    For people without insurance or funds...knowing what I know now about the dangers...the stress it puts on your heart, kidneys, brain, blood pressure, bladder, and socially ...learn about this and present it to anyone who could help financially.

    It could save your job, marriage & life.

    This is a very helpful thread...thanks for starting it.

  • SixofNine

    It's amazing that so many out of a relatively small group have this condition and are using CPAP machines.

    Thanks for sharing your stories, I'm definitly going to quit procrastinating and get a CPAP machine, I do have the Apnea, sometimes worse than others (it doesn't wake me up lately, but at times it has). So much of what has been shared in this thread I relate too. I went for years w/o dreaming, my memory is useless, and I never awaken rested. I also need to pee a couple times per night (I'd never heard of the two being connected).

    As I don't have insurance, I think I'll just search out and make my best deal on a machine and set it on high. So what if I wake up blown up like a balloon ;-).

    Like Rabbit, I suspect that I can lose a little weight (geez, I don't look that heavy) and the problem will be fixed. I know my snoring is connected to being even a little heavy. I guess I just have a fat neck?

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Not really Six, it might have to do with the size of your palate, tongue or sinuses. I had a nasal turbinectomy as my sinuses had become permanently swollen so it was very difficult to breathe.

    I had it for years, and probably still do. I tried that machine and it freaked me out. I felt like I was suffocating. Classic case of the cure being worse than the disease. I'll never use it again.

    My problem is weight gain combined with a skin condition called rosacea, which in my case makes the blood vessels in my nose and face swell causing nasal congestion. If I'm not careful I look like a tomato. I was really good in the autumn and lost 15 pounds and noticed a huge difference. Now with the holidays I've put it almost all back on and I can really tell a difference.

  • SixofNine

    Yeah Tex, I seem to be inordinately affected by a relatively small amount of extra weight. Still have the machine? lol :D

    Seriously though, I hope I can deal with the freaky looking machine, cuz I would give anything to just wake up refreshed.

  • bebu

    Wow, sleep apnea is pretty rampant. I had no idea.

    BTW Susan, that was extremely interesting information you relayed. Thanks for going thru the trouble!


  • Sparkplug

    I have to brag on Prof a bit- He is so kind and is sending six his extra machine! Now that is kewl! (In my book) Way kewl....Your the bomb proph!

  • prophecor

    In the thread started last week regarding health coverage and whether it should be regarded as a right or a privelege in America, to be able to have access to it, this is one of the most disturbing of things that go on in this country. There are those who are suffering from the complications of sleep apnea and its debilitating effects.

    So many on the boards responded last year as to thier dealing with this potentially fatal malady. What's worse is the fact that sleep apnea does not get the attention it deserves as a debillitating medical condition. Many responded regarding symptoms described here and were surprised they too have similar problems from this deadly malady.

    There exist a whole subculture of folks, that for whatever reason, and many because here for no fault of thier own have no health coverage to attend to the most basic of needs, let alone something as intricate as sleep disorders.

    People have never taken the lack of sleep and the destructive consequences of it very seriously, but after the death of Reggie White, professional football player and wealthy, with no need to ever concern himself with the lack of health coverage, for him to die as a result of this condition was just heartbreaking.

    I never wanted it to be known that what I'm attempting to do for one of our brothers was to go public, but now that its out, this is the kind of community spirit and co-operation that is so necessary in this world of callous, uncaring and unsympathetic world, that is ours. The ability to access the most basic needs regarding our health is something I take so seriously, that whoever and however, access to medical coverage, FOR ALL PEOPLE, has the possibility to come down the pipe during the next elections, it will be a forefront burning issue which will continue my involvement in the political system. If it doesn't come around in 08, I'll be going to bat for whoever tries to get it off the ground in 2012, or the end of my life, or the end of the world or whatever comes first. This is a basic need of not just the common folks, but for every human being on the face of the planet.


  • Sparkplug
    I never wanted it to be known that what I'm attempting to do for one of our brothers was to go public

    Of course. The really good people always go by unnoticed. so sorry to bust you out like this. I really hope I did not offend and that it is just a case of modesty. I apologies if I have overstepped boundaries.

    I just figured, that you indeed are one of the ones who would never tell the good you have done and I think you needed a public thank you and compliment.

  • prophecor

    No Offense Taken, Dear Sister. Much Love To You, and all who are Important to YOU !!!

    Peace Be Upon You.


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