Did you do K P at a Summer Convention??

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  • orangefatcat

    Remember when we had those large conventions and you volunteered for K P work. I can't remember how many bushels of potatoes and onions I peeled over the years. It was alot of fun when we had a group doing it and all the while missing out on all the spiritual food. Good association and some good laughs..

    I loved doing it and you got to meet lots of witnesses from other cong. and cities. I remember at a small assembly there wasn't a morning cook so me and another brother arrived and he started making pancakes and I started making scrambled eggs. Yumm. When the brother who was supposes to have done the work had some excuse. Needless to say some not so nice words were spoken. Oh those were the days.

    How about you? Did you volunteer at something ?

    Orangefatcat is nosy again.

  • jeanniebeanz

    One of the few really good memories as a witness was doing this at the assemblies. I loved it and was kind of sad when they quit preparing hot food and went instead to chicken sandwiches, hoagies, and danish... Still think of this sometimes as I peel the spuds for my families dinner.


  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I would have loved doing things during the program, but nope my father always volunteered for the kitchen cleanup after the program. So thats what me and my sister would be doing too, with only a hadnful of other people. This was at the Norval Assembly Hall (Ontario). It took quite a while to wash all the metal meal trays, pots, ovens, utensils. Alot of times we'd finish 1 and a half to 2 hours after the close of the program.

  • Undecided

    I am K.P. I remember once washing the dishes at a circuit assembly. It took me all day to finish washing them.

    Ken P.

  • JustTickledPink

    I did all sorts of jobs, but the one I remember the most was making turkey sandwiches, and the brother that was in charge the "turkey sandwich Captain" was soooo cute. He was from south Florida and I kept volunteering every day, got there early, just to bat my eyelashes at him.

  • Beachbender

    Oh yes those were the days! Now those were good JW memories!

    I did prep, and serving line usually. loved it! That`s when you got to *scope* out all the cute


  • pr_capone

    I was always an attendant. Loved the job, I would always ask for parking lot duty. Got to miss many an assembly part cuz of it. Then they started broadcasting it on low power FM radio, my parents would make me carry a walkman with me so I would listen to the parts.

    Of course, the batteries would go dead or I would be too far away most of time so I did miss alot of good spiritual food. *puke*

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • BrendaCloutier

    Yes, those were the days! Same year as rooming service, I showed up in a nice pale blue polyester dress my mom made me, a couple days before the convention (the one I was baptized at), and ended up scrubbing potatos! Cold cold hands. Muddy dress. My mom apologized thinking we'd end up doing something else. She was muddy, too. Of course it was in the day that you did not wear pants to almost any JW event (except hall cleaning - where I got to run the floor buffer after I finished cleaning the womens room). Man it's hard to flirt when you have mud down the front of your dress. I tried to anyway and met some nice people my age from another cong. and ended up hanging out with them the rest of the day.

    I acutally worked at a lot of assemblies as early as I could. It got me out with the other kids my age, taught me a lot of responsibility, and I got free Zombies! (What! You don't know what a zombie is?) I preferred food service, either at the concession stand or meal line.

    Tx OFC for bringing up some good memories!

    PS 1971 was the first year my mom and me (14) wore panty hose. Gawd they were far superior to girdles or garter belts and hose...

  • orangefatcat

    Do you know that when I use to pioneer in montreal in the summer back in the early seveinties I remember some terrible heat waves. I would come home with my legs bleeding from the nylon and garder belts and panty hose that was not better. My mother bought me a long legged 18 hour panity girdle from playtex and I would put it over the panty hose so that me legs would burn and bleed. But It didn't work. I use to come home at the end of a service day crying with pain and thinking to my self why the hell am I wearing pantyhose I one day decided there is no way I am wearing panty hose anymore. I throw them all away and then I would just wear sandals and my skirt and shirt and too bad what anyone thought. Some of the sisters were mad that i wouldn't were my pantyhose, but after years of bleeding putting oinment on my burning and blistered legs I didn't give a rats ass what any of them thought. Soon enough other sisters stopped wearing them too. If jehovah wanted us in the service well that is fine and I am certain in other hot countries sisters didn't wear pantyhose and Jehovah excepted that service. I guess I was a little rebel. The elders always felt they had to say something to me because the other pioneer girls would get jealous. I stood up for my rights and I didn't care what anyone thought. They weren't the ones coming home bleeding everyday.

    Gee I ha ve really gone away from this post. Doh.


  • BrendaCloutier

    The long-legged panty girdle UNDER the pantyhose might have helped. Or long legged cotton undies for women is what my grandmother wore with garter and hose on top!

    Not that it matters any more. I haven't worn hose of any kind except sport sox in ... centuries?

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