How does God communicate with us?

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  • Lampokey

    "when my grandmother died I wanted to send the best flowers . I prayed and told God how i wish I could send beautiful flowers. I sent the cheapest but members of the family called and told me a blanket of red roses came from me and they put over her casket and was buried with her. I was in awe. If that wasnt God how did it happen? I was scared because I thought I would get a bill for flowers that I could not afford. Never heard a word." Yucca, Clearly , a loving human did this.It is delightful that you have people who care about you , even if their identies are unknown. If anyone ever ascribes the fulfillment of a wish to the power of petitionary prayer , they must recall those times they prayed and DID NOT get an answer. Crediting God with this outcome is as logical as crediting an astrologer with one succesful prediction out of a hundered. Sometimes you get lucky in life , more often you don't. It's down to random chance , that's all.

  • fairchild


    in the past, God spoke to humans through Angels, prophets, and Jesus.

    Today, there are no prophets, angels don't show up anymore, and Jesus isn't there to speak to us.

    We can talk to God through prayer, but how does God talk to us?

    So, other than the bible which is pretty outdated, how can God communicate with humans?

    Over and over again, I have asked myself the same questions. (With the exception that I don't consider the bible outdated). Then I think about a painter who goes to the same place every day in order to paint a certain landscape. Once the painting has been completed, he moves on to paint other things. The people in the village will wonder... where did he go? Why don't we see him anymore? They don't see him anymore because he did what he wanted to do, and once his task was fulfilled, there was no more need to be there.

    Some might know the story about the man who asked God to touch him, but he swatted away the butterfly who sat on his shoulder. He then asked God to talk to him, but he didn't notice the rolling thunder in the distance.. Things have happened to me which I absolutely cannot explain. Things have happened to all of us. It is up to us to decide wether such things we cannot explain are signs from above, or mere occurences we can't grasp.

    So far, I have been unable to make that decision.

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