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  • Dansk

    Most of our local doctors, whom we go to with sore throats, aching backs, etc., are friendly chaps and ladies but even these are indoctrinated, in the main, into accepting that hospital doctors/researchers know best. Since I became seriously ill I've done a collosal amount of research and I am afraid I'm left with, at the very least, immense suspicion of the recommendations of the majority of medical doctors.

    Recently, we have been notified by our GP's surgery that our younger son requires immunisation. However, after doing some research and speaking with friends I am of the opinion that here, again, many doctors are not forthcoming with the truth. I post the following links to give an idea of why I am so concerned.


  • pennycandy

    Yes, I've come to the same conclusion. I think doctors certainly have their place, and I'm glad they're there if I ever need a bone set or can't handle an illness myself. But we've taken responsibility for our own health. I track my children's growth myself. We're careful about what chemicals we put into our bodies.

    When we do see a doctor, it's to get his professional opinion. Then I take that opinion home, look into it, and accept, reject, or alter it.

    My husband had a bout with cancer two years ago, and we've witnesses firsthand how 10 different doctors can give you 10 different opinions, so they don't mean much to me in themselves. We will use them as a resource, but never take what we're told at face value.

    We also don't vaccinate, or selectively vaccinate our three children. That was a tough decision, but I've looked into the issue for about 10 years now and we're comfortable with it. We both have illnesses in our family that are linked to certain vaccines.

    Dansk, here is another great site for more information about the risks of vaccines . . .

  • The National Vaccine Information Center
  • We also birth our children at home by ourselves. But the American obstetric system is a whole 'nother story.

  • SixofNine

    This would make a great title for an Awake! article ;-)

  • fairchild

    Can we trust doctors? A friend of mine was suffering from severe dizziness. He went to several emergency rooms and doctors. Months went by and every time he went somewhere for help, he was sent home with a different diagnosis. 3 months after that first wave of dizziness (which was diagnosed as a heat stroke), he had to quit working, because it had become impossible for him to walk without support. Many doctors later, they finally found out that he had a fast growing brain tumor. Can we trust doctors?

    One of my collegues suffered from severe pain in his groin area. He was diagnosed with diverticulitis. In spite of a strict diet, the pain got worse and worse. Turned out he had a hernia. They found this out after he had been in severe pain for two years of his life. Such things should not happen. Can we trust doctors?

    Three years ago, I went to the emergency room with severe chest pain. I was told I had carpal tunnel and they put both my wrists in a plastic cast. I asked the doctor, but how about my chest pain? The doctor said it could be anxiety. Two days later, I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance in the middle of the night. I was unconscious and had a dangerously high fever. Carpal tunnel my a$$, I had a viral infection in my lungs. Had it been treated properly the first time I went to the ER with chest pains, I wouldn't have suffered as many complications. Can we trust doctors?

    Many health food stores have great books available on natural healing. I trust those books way more than I would trust a doctor. What's more, the books are cheaper. If you need any specific information on natural healing, feel free to ask.

  • pennycandy

    Just like the higher-ups in the organization, many doctors don't like to be questioned. I've known some wonderful, competent, kind doctors, but the system as a whole has evolved from a service provided to look after the patient's best interests to a business based on the almighty dollar.

    I worked years in the obstetric system in many hospitals, and you'll never come across a more egotistical bunch. I've at times seen horrible medical treatment to patients who pay dearly for their services. I've seen so many temper tantrums I can't count them, because a patient didn't want to do things his/her way.

    But the most damning is that 60,000 to 100,000 die EVERY year in the US from iatrogenic (physician-caused) reasons. These aren't even counting all the millions of hospital-borne infections that are treated, or all the mistakes that don't cause death. 60,000 to 100,000 people a year whose deaths were directly or indirectly caused by the institution they trusted to treat them.

    I have and will continue to use the medical system when it's needed, but I can guarantee that I would never turn my family's health over to anyone, and we're not afraid to ask "why" and "what else" and say "we prefer this . . . "

    I'll get off my high-horse now.


  • Dansk


    I think doctors certainly have their place, and I'm glad they're there if I ever need a bone set or can't handle an illness myself.

    I whole-heartedly agree!

    I'll get off my high-horse now.

    No high horse, just absolute common sense. Thanks for posting!


    Many health food stores have great books available on natural healing. I trust those books way more than I would trust a doctor. What's more, the books are cheaper. If you need any specific information on natural healing, feel free to ask.

    I fast came to the same conclusion. Hope you're back to full health, by the way!


    This would make a great title for an Awake! article ;-)

    PLEASE, don't remind me of such brain-dead prose!


  • Billygoat


    I am very fortunate to have a doctor that listens to me. When I explain what I'm struggling with or what is ailing me, he'll ask me a million questions about other seemingly unrelated issues. But it's funny how sometimes my ailment is a symptom of a greater problem. He doesn't just treat the symptom, but tries to uncover what the true problem is. I realize it's not common to have a doctor like that, so I've hung onto him now for several years.

    Hope you and Clair and the boys are well!


  • link

    A better question would be "Can we trust all doctors?" The answer to that is a provable no.

    A friend of mine with prostate cancer was told that a certain operation had a very low success rate. He did some research on the net and found this was only true because some surgeons had a high failure rate. Other surgeons had a very high success rate. This speaks for itself.

    We are fortunate that, just like investigating the WTS, the net allows us to check league tables of the success or otherwise of surgical procedures, surgeons and hospitals. IMO anyone with a serious health problem would be wise to do the research and not just accept doctors as the FDS.


  • jeanniebeanz

    Not really, no.

    I went into the hospital with an emergency gall bladder removal surgery. When put into a room to recouperate, and the anesthetic began to wear off, I found myself in increasingly excrutiating pain. The pain was radiating from my chest into my shoulders and was more intense than any childbirth without anesthetic that I had gone through. As I was screaming in pain and begging for a doctors help, the nurses reaction was to tell my husband there that this was normal and that the anesthetic was speaking. I begged my hubby for help and told him that something was horribly wrong, this was not normal no matter what the nurse said. He went into the hall way, they had closed the door to my room because of my screams, and demanded that they call a doctor. the nurses reaction was to tell him that if he didn't calm down she would call the police. His reaction was that if she did that, he would sue the socks off the hospital and hold her personally responsible for any damages done to me because she was the one who was being informed of the problem. She called the doctor who came in and immediately told me to calm down. I got up out of the bed and began to tear the iv out of my veins and stated that we were going to a different hospital and they could not stop me as I was not a prisoner.

    The doctor called in the orderlies, but before they arrived, I blacked out and found out later that I had vomited bile and blood all over the room. They took me into the emergency or and found that they had not completed the surgery correctly. There was a leak left, and my insides, chest cavity, stomach and shoulder sockets had been filling with bile. They put a drain in me and a full quart of bile and fluid drained out of my system on the table. I was in the hospital for a week and a half. No one ever apologized to me or my husband, who saved my life with his tyrade in the hall, and even treated me as an enemy for the balance of the stay.

    So, no, I don't trust doctors...


  • Mary

    God no! The incompetent moron I had for a doctor nearly killed me and the only reason I'm sitting here today typing this is because I took matters into my own hands and found another doctor. To make a long story short, I had uterine cancer and the moron diagnosed me for over two years with just having a "small fibroid tumor" and that "there's nothing to worry about." Asshole. I still get angry when I think about it.

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