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  • BrendaCloutier


    In my own recent achievement of Jedi Master, I bow to your Emperor-ness.

    Now, have you seen my father?

    Have you achieved Levitation yet? If so, what's the trick?



  • orangefatcat

    We must set this matter to rest. Me levitate. You don't really want to picture that do you? No pretty site.

    Your father is a different matter all together. I can't seem to make him understand? Oh well Jedi knight be prepared your destiny awaits you.

    MORMAN> my goodness, what is the world coming to. 2000 wifes. Solomon had a 1000 wifes cocubines, and whatever else he had in his bag of tricks...


    in the Bible denotes a female conjugally united to a man, but in a relation
    inferior to that of a wife. Among the early Jews, from various causes, the
    difference between a wife and a concubine was less marked than it would be
    amongst us. The concubine was a wife of secondary rank. There are various laws
    recorded providing for their protection (Ex. 21:7; Deut. 21:10-14), and setting
    limits to the relation they sustained to the household to which they belonged
    (Gen. 21:14; 25:6). They had no authority in the family, nor could they share
    in the household government. The immediate cause of concubinage might be
    gathered from the conjugal histories of Abraham and Jacob (Gen. 16;30). But in
    process of time the custom of concubinage degenerated, and laws were made to
    restrain and regulate it (Ex. 21:7-9). Christianity has restored the sacred
    institution of marriage to its original character, and concubinage is ranked
    with the sins of fornication and adultery (Matt. 19:5-9; 1 Cor. 7:2).
    Source: Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary

    May bro. whats his name is in for a huge suprise....but no I won't tell you,its a secret..

    Love Orangefatcat

  • Joyzabel

    Congrats, you pussycat you!


  • stillajwexelder

    Congratulations EMPEROR

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