What goes around, comes around ...... both ways????

by outbutnotdown 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • Fleur

    Yes, I definitely believe it works both ways. I have seen it.

    If you do good, you will find that it comes back to you in ways that you can't imagine. Whether that is just the balance of the universe or a law of averages or the fact that if you're kind to people long enough eventually the kindness will come back to you, Whatever it is, I have definitely seen it work both ways.

    I also think that people who tend to create problems for others, also create problems for themselves, and in that case, what 'comes around' to them happens because of their own bad intentions leading to bad actions. There doesn't have to be any karma or universal balancing out of good and bad there.

    Be as kind as you can to all you can, that's the way to go, I think.

    Uzzah, it's wonderful to see you my friend. I have missed you. You too, Jankyn :)



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