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  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Of all the Marvel Films made so far, I enjoyed the Spidey flicks the best. The writing and CGI are great. But the real draw for me was seeing Peter's developing social consciousness & the extent of self-sacrificing that went along with it. I especially liked the building rescue because it had Peter go in there as himself and not Spiderman. It was another moment of truth and he had no "selfish" motives there, like say, rescueing MJ. Peter felt he personally should do something and went in to rescue her, despite not fully having his powers. He towers over Superman and Batman IMHO.

    Mysterio would be a cool third villain and I think some interesting mind games could be written into the script with Mysterio's mastery of illusions.

  • jws
    My take of the return of the Green Goblin? Once is enough.

    The third movie in a sequel sometimes tends to go back to square 1. Destroying a Death Star in the first and third Star Wars. Nazis and religious artifacts in Indiana Jones 1 and 3. Or maybe that's just in George Lucas's sequels. I think *any* blockbuster who's script allows for it is going to have another and another sequel these days until it stops making money. Jurassic Park 4 is on the way.

    I think the next one since it will probly be the last , should have several villians and spidey hooking up with the fantastic 4 .

    Like the 1960's Batman movie? I think more is cheesier. When you have one super hero, it makes him special. A fluke. A fluke is somewhat plausible - a stretch, but something I can swallow for the purpose of the movie. But once you start throwing in a bunch of other super heros that's more to swallow. You're not in today's world anymore. It's a pure fantasy world at that point. As others have said, Spidey's likeability is that he's an average guy. Somebody you can identify with. The fact that he lives in our world is part of that. Even the villians in SM 1 & 2 have been more the creation of technology than some ambiguous special power. I think that's the reason Doc Ock was one of my favorite villians. He didn't do magic. He didn't fly. He got his arms through a scientific accident.

    Who would I like to see next? I don't know. Kingpin was already done in Daredevil.

    Is it just me or is the comic book industry and Hollywood going a bit too far? Daredevil, X-men, Spider-man, the Hulk, now Electra and a few more I've probably forgotten. Not all of these were all that good (effects aside). It's going to give them all a bad reputation.

  • heathen

    jws--- jurassic park and indiana jones weren't george lucas movies . jurassic park had 2 directors , one was speilburg. I didn't know they were making a fourth . I couldn't imagine what the next one would have for a plot other than a race of super intelligent beings evolve from the dinos and mankind is in deep do do .................... lol IT kida writes itself ...........

    I still think the fantastic 4 to be a good idea namely because of the CGI stuff and kids love of comics . I thought dr. Doom was one of the best evil villians marvel ever put out .He was so good I think darth vader was patterned after him . he he

  • jws
    jws--- jurassic park and indiana jones weren't george lucas movies . jurassic park had 2 directors , one was speilburg.

    I was only saying that Star Wars and Indiana Jones were Lucas movies, not Jurassic Park. George Lucas has a writing credit for all 3 of the Indiana Jones movies. Or should I say 4 as he is also listed with a writing credit for Indiana Jones 4.

    The Jurassic Park reference was just to say that movies that make money spawn sequels until they no longer make money. They could have stopped after JP2. Even if it was loosely based on Michael Chriton's novel, it surpassed JP3. Jurassic Park 3 had all the cool technical effects, but lost a lot in story and characters. Long before it was over, I was hoping some dinosaur would eat Tea Leoni's character and put the audience out of it's misery. I can't imagine JP4 going in any direction but down.

  • heathen

    I doubt it flops especially if speilburg directs .The guy has a cult following .LOL I hope spiderman unleashes the CGI like no other in the next one .

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