American Idol - did I see a NWT?

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  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    So I am watching American Idol(yes I have no life) and one of the winners came out screaming and holding what looked like a NW Translation - black cover. Can anybody with a TIVO confirm? It was like just before the horrible guy in the purple shirt came on. No Apologies

  • Sweetp0985

    i thought i heard Simon say something like this is not a jehovah witness competition or something of that nature..but then i my imagination......maybe this is the same girl you were talking about..did she have on a black shirt...kinda "plump"...screaming wildly??? if so i think we're right.....

  • orbison11

    i am waiting till 8 pm here, two more hours, for that show

    guess if i see the crazy people i will feel better about me

    so i will watch for the lady in black shirt, just before guy inpurple shirt:)


  • DanTheMan

    A funny idea - Simon as TMS overseer.

    "Brother, that was absolutely the worst talk I've ever heard. It was beyond bad. It was horrible..."

  • zanex

    That has GOT to be a new low for tv...the witnesses now on american idol...but I agree, the idea of simon as a TMS would be there's a reality show...


  • Jim_TX

    I _thought_ I saw a bible... and it really looked like one of the JWs bibles... but I've been out for so long, I thought... naaaaw... couldn't be.

    So... this was one of the 'rejects', right? She was one that didn't make it.

    Poor kid. That would've _really_ changed her life - if she had gotten her yellow 'accepted' paper.


    Jim TX

  • Dustin

    I didn't catch the part you were talking about. Did you see that last chick though. Whoa baby go get some meds for that disorder! Crazy stuff. At least William Hung was kinda likable.

  • Sweetp0985

    man...can't wait to see what tomorrow's show brings....some of the people they gave yellow slips too won't be around after the first show...they barely made it to hollywood......

  • FreePeace

    Tracy and I watched the show, and when that gal came out holding a black book, I said, "Hey, she's got a NWT!" I'm glad others saw it too. I didn't hear any comments by Simon about the Dubs tho.


  • pr_capone

    I am ashamed to admit it but I watched it tonight. Unfortunately though I did not see the bible in question. Simon as a TMS would be absolutly hysterical. How many people would just drop out of the TMS if he was the one giving out council!

    Kansas District Overbeer

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