My wife it´s a JW yet and used to take may daughter to KH, what i can do?

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  • nilfun

    Something I wished my non-JW father had said to my mother when it was time to go to meeting:

    "Oh no honey, you're not taking the kids to meeting this time. Tonight is 'family night' (or "family day" if on a Sunday) and we're going to spend some quality time doing something we can ALL do -- together." And then take us all somewhere (movies/zoo/picnic at the beach, etc.) where we could bond together as a family. I think it would have made all the difference in my childhood.

    All that time spent in the Kingdom Hall/field service took away time we could have spent together, as a family, doing family stuff.

    I know for many it ain't easy being the "unbeliever". It wasn't easy for my dad, which is why he took the route of least resistance when it came to letting his wife take us to the Kingdom Hall.

    I love my daddy with all my heart, and I understand now why he let her do it. Sometimes though, I just wish to god that he hadn't.

    Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.

    Take it easy.


    Scoob,toddlers do not belong in a Kingdom hall.They want to play and explore,not be forced to sit in one of those god awfull uncomfortable seats.Your a dub kid,do you remember what would happen to the toddlers who would push thier parents over the edge at the Hall? They`d eithier get a smack or be taken to the bathroom and get the crap beat out of them.This board is full of stories just like that.Why? Because most good active dubs want thier kids to sit still at the Hall,as they will spend many,many years doing it.It`s just good business to brainwash them early.......Drink me under the table?LOL!.. It`s been tried before...OUTLAW

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    True I&P......... but when both parents have equal rights thats when struggles ensue. Better to wait until the 3 year old gets older and starts to form her own opinion, before creating drama now about it all. I truly believe the Kingdom Hall will do her no harm, and like I said the child can make an informed decision later with her dads full support if that is the case. Look at it this way, I've seen countless people on here say they were better off having one parent in the truth and one out as they had more lee-way as they got older than those with both parents in. I'm just thinking of the kid.

    how is it creating drama to tell his wife privately he does not want her taking an impressionable child to meetings? you said he should wait til she is capable of maing an informed decision... what age would that be? if she is going to attend meetings, don't you think she will be expected to study and go out in FS also?

    child can make an informed decision later with her dads full support if that is the case

    why wait? why not give her his full support NOW, when she has no choice and no VOICE?

    then there's the blood issue...

  • moshe

    The problem as I see it is that in time the elders and the organization will become the childs "father" . When the child needs answers to life's questions ,they will be provided from the KH and the elders- good 'ol Dad will become just a provider of material stuff. Invite the elders over and ask them who the head of the home is. When they say "the husband," then tell them what your rules are with your child going to KH. If they go behind your back, let them know there will be "consequences".



  • lonelysheep

    I'm with Mulan on this one. If my husband told me not to take them, then I'd have to leave them home. What you say goes.

    Excellent points were made by Moshe re: they will be brought up to look to the jw's for the answers to life's questions! Your authority will be made second.

  • Kaique

    Thanks for suggestions and advices about this subject. I´m so worry about this. I think is better wait a bit more , soon she grow up, and i will explain the circunstances for her. She is very smart, i hope she may understand the point. For while, i prefer wait. But alway when a have a opportunity i explain to her some things. Example: I told her that Kingdom Hall´s people don´t like her dad and don´t talk to him. It´s a dificcult situation because her grandmothers and uncles, many cousins are JW too. I´m so sorry with this, but i will wait more. Thanks everybody!

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