Attention Canucks!

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  • Beans

    I have been to Quebec city two times, once in Feb and once in March. Feb is freaking cold but an awesome party, March can be very mild and more enjoyable for ski'n.

    My daily routine with my buds, two hours sleep, two breakfasts, two pitchers each and off we go down the hill!


    Canadian District Overbeer

  • Simon


    Don't give him beer, he falls asleep

  • orangefatcat

    Awe!! ooh la la!!!, me I love those frenchys'. I lived in Montreal for 15 years and often traveled to Quebec C ity to visit my two sisters who were pioneering up there many years ago. One of my sisters lived in STE Anne de Beaupre. What a lovely place. Yes they the french are a very warm people even the none witnesses. They are truly hospitable. Feburary beacoup de neige. But great for the ski season.

    And of course the Carnaval. Le bonhomme de neige. *** Le bonhomme de neige ***

    I would go in Fev. and not March to many people, many students on mar. break.

    Enjoy your stay.


    OrangefatcatRelax and have a few beers ,you can buy at any store in Quebec. Wish they would do that here...

  • Beans

    Simon, these things happen when you are given drugs by apostates!

  • morty

    I am going to be in Quebec in March with about 40 kids.....We will be there for 5 days....This is our end of the year graduation trip for the grade 7/8's....I believe we are staying right in Quebec City....Give me a pm and let me know what days you will be there....I have my nights kid free...

    BTW, I am a sure another poster mentioned this but, if you dont want to be around all kinds of kids skiing then stay away in March....

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