Attention Canucks!

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  • funkyderek

    To any Canadians on the board, especially Quebecois

    My girlfriend and I going to Quebec in either February or March. We plan to visit Montréal and/or Quebec City as well as doing some skiing (most likely on Mont Tremblant). Is February or March better, in terms of skiing conditions, general weather conditions and school breaks? (I really don't want to be surrounded by screaming kids when skiing, especially if they ski better than me!) Are there any must-see attractions we should visit while in the area?

    Also if anyone in the area would like to meet up, we can arrange a mini-apostafest.

    Any information would be appreciated.

  • Golf

    Check your PM


  • JH

    This is your golden chance to eat a "Poutine"

  • z

    and of course St Hubert if in march Cabane A Sucre

  • xjw_b12

    funky. If you come at the start of February, you catch the world famous Quebec Winter Carnival. Now that is a party.

  • Scully

    I think you'll probably run into the vast majority of spring breakers between the last week of February and the 2nd or 3rd week of March - it varies from school board to school board all across the province and Eastern Ontario. Most people who travel during those times prefer to go someplace much warmer though.

    Have a great visit!

    Cheers, Scully

  • z
    z same info about Montreal enjoy

  • mama

    Hi there derek, i am in new brunswick, below quebec, if you do go to Montreal, make sure to check out St.Catherine street, if you like funky as your name implys, you'll find it there, but, last time I checked, not after dark!lol. Be sure to pack the warmest clothes you have, and I mean the warmest, cause eastern canada can be extremely cold that time of year. You will run into school breaks most likely, but as another post said most are heading south, hope you have a great time. P. S. if you don't know french well, don't try to speak it, the natives get more than alittle annoyed, but as most speak english you shouldn't run into any difficulty. Have fun and keep warm.

  • Sunnygal41
    This is your golden chance to eat a "Poutine"

    LOL..........JH, I've had Poutine..........I liked it!!! In fact, back when I was still a Witless, me and the then husband spent a whole weekend with French speaking Witnesses in ex spoke no French at all, and all I knew was what I had learned and remembered from two years of high school French............we managed........the French speaking Witnesses were very warm hearted, but very very strict..........I even went out in field service and made a presentation in French! LOL! That is one of the nicer memories I have of being a Witless............

  • Sunnygal41
    Most people who travel during those times prefer to go someplace much warmer though.

    Yes, I was under the impression that most Canadians spend as much of their wintertime as they possibly can manage to afford in Florida..................

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