"Do what I say, not what I do" witnesses

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    I remember an Elder giving a talk, which included not watching certain types of films, 18 rated etc.

    The following week at a meeting, I was talking to him, when he started going on about a film he had watched on video. How much he enjoyed it. It wasn't until after he had gone that I started thinking, and recalled it was an 18 rated film. Later on I asked him about the video, he said he had borrowed it off Brother K, who was the field service overseer at the time. These were the guys tellings us what not to watch!!!

    About a couple of years or so before I left this one happened. A JW brother, ministerial servant, pioneer, married, aged about 29/30 at the time. Gave a talk, part of was dealing with the immorality of this world and how we should not be a part of it or copy its standards etc. About a month after that talk he was DF'd. Because it turned out that on his (regulation pioneer) window cleaning round , he was doing more than clean windows for 4-5 of his female customers. Think he got caught because one of the women turned out to be related to a sister in the congregation. After I had left I heard he had been reinstated, then DF'd again six months later for doing the same thing!!

    I have known brothers/sister who condemn drinking alcohol, yet knock back a bottle of whisky or wine a day themselves.

    Brothers who talk about how honest the JW's are, yet in their buisnesses use every trick they can to make money.

    A brother (22) who everyone thought wonderful, raised in the "truth" , aux.pioneered regularly, gave loverly talks in School etc. Turns out to be gay. Been so since he was 15/16 , with a JW brother from a congregation in next town, they now live together.

    Since I have left, now four years ago, I have been told by JW's (even though I'm DA'd) what has gone on in local congregations. I think they feel they tell me and not run to Elders. Yet they still seem to think that they are "Jehovah's clean people" . Since leaving I have learnt how totally hypocritical they are.

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