"Liberal media" or being paid by the republicans?

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  • Simon

    Sorry, America is well down on my list of countries I'd consider ...

    ... Canada is still top (with New Zealand close behind)

  • xenawarrior

    Well Simon, at least if you lived in the U.S. it might add some credibility to your whinging about it constantly

  • minimus

    Does ANY administration want negative coverage?? What amazes me is how some people are so simple minded when it comes to politics. Reality check time. Get to see the real world----not some imagined fantasy. For heaven's sake, this isn't God's Kingdom we're talking about.

  • Spartacus

    Armstrong Williams is NOT a Liberal LOL, he is as Conservative as they come so the title of your subject is wrong, Simon. In fact he is a Neo-Conservative.

  • jeanniebeanz
    The bias belongs to the chief Editor,and who he/she hires.... whatever media.

    Mostly true...


  • upside/down

    Perhaps a better title would have been:

    "Billionaire Royalty" being paid by British peasantry?

    Get rid of that archaic financially burdensome "monarchy", and MAYBE you'll have a legit "bitch".


  • Spartacus

    Europeans have no reason to look down their noses at Americans. Look at all the countries in the world the Brits, French, Dutch and the rest of European governments, OCCUPY and sucked resources at below market prices while the poor in those countries do not benefit, France and Britain are especially guilty of this. Hell where I work I run into fine UK people all the time in fact my boss is from London and he says he will never return to live although he really loves his country. And I don't blame him I spent some time in London and had a great time even though I think most people there are being hoodwinked by their far left wing media. I was astounded by all the ignorant news they get. The left have done a lobotomy on our friends in Europe, they got them so that they will believe anything anti-American, what a shame that they have lost their ability to be objective. If the news does not fit their political sensibilities they reject it, I think this is from getting news from the far left had a bit of a brainwashing effect on Europe, very similar what the JW's do. The left, Socialists, Liberals, control the media in Europe and the media have the masses under control like good little pets.

  • outoftheorg

    If we were to make a list of all the countries where there is a strong liberal camp and a strong conservative camp, we would find there are agendas from both sides.

    Both sides "buy" the coverage they like and "stretch" the truth to the breaking point.

    On this list we would find Canada and New Zealand.

    That only leaves the arctic and antarctic.

    Its awful cold there Simon


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