The Bible Encourages Drinking/Getting Smashed out of your mind

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  • proplog2

    Proverbs 31:6 "Give intoxicating liquor, you people, to the one about to perish and wine to those who are bitter of soul. Let one drink and forget one's poverty and let one remember one's own trouble no more."

    Does anyone here know how to integrate this idea with the other scriptures on alcohol?

  • outbutnotdown

    Looks like the folks back then didn't know that alcohol is a depressant. Not exactly wise advice to give to someone "bitter of soul".


  • upside/down

    I'm sorry I drank toooooo much and can't remember the question...

    Just following orders.... ya know the Bible says....

    u/d Downing Shots

  • eljefe

    It worked for Lot and his 2 daughters.

  • prophecor

    Jack always soothed my pain for perishing.

    A couple of glasses of Taylor's port could certainly put me in a better spirit now!

  • upside/down

    Could Holy "Spirit" be a liqueur of exceptional refinement?

    u/d Martini

  • prophecor

    But really though, just as the Fox News Channel tries to give a fair and balanced view of their reporting of the news, even though I feel they lean way to the right, the Bible gives a fair and balanced view with regard to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, though this one leans way to the left, Psalms 104:15 describes how wine is what makes the heart of mortal man rejoice. A view that to me goes right to center.

    There exist more ways for one to get in trouble from the abuses of alcohol, and for that reason, there are more references to it that do not shine favorably on mankind, due to our sinful nature. You've heard the expression " Give an individual an inch, and they'll take a mile "?, that would seem to be the reason God would be certain to make sure we know that he will hold accountable, those who choose to disrespect God's righteous principles, who may take the God's grace and mercy for granted, using the gift of alcohol as an excuse for drunkeness and loose conduct.

    Granted there are the positive effects that alcohol bring when at the end of a hard day, you want to take the edge off with a couple of cold ones, and even as has been mentioned recently in scientific studies, those who drink in moderation have a seemingly longer life span and the health benefits that occur from moderate drinking have been verified. Go just one step further and the absolute opposite occurs and the health benefits of drinking now are turned into risks.

    Knowing yourself, and your limitations regarding alcohol certainly help, the heart that rejoices is a pretty good line on just taking the edge off, we all know that point where we get that slight buzz, that little tingle. For me, personally, that's just enough, I know any further, and I'm crossing the line. Though I know full well what it is to be drunk, it is not anything that I associate with being fun anylonger.

    Some of us are just plain alcoholics and can never drink sucessfully under any circumstances, this side of heaven. Period. You know who you are!

    Some of us who have a tendency towards depression will have an even more complex association with alcohol, as it will surely be used in order to deal with those feelings of inadiquacy from time to time. We get into those spaces where we get the blues, and we just need something to make us feel better. Yes I know all the stories associated with alcohol being a depressant, but try telling that to someone depressed and distraught over things in their life not going well, they'll choose the depressant which can numb the pain to some degree, as opposed to having to deal and feel it, at full throttle.

    If dying of cancer, and I had the choice to take a drink as opposed to smoking marajuana, I surely believe I would take the liquor to ease my last days. How often has it been presented in film, the person shot on the battlefield, knowing his death was near, his commardes giving him a bit of alcohol to try and ease the pain. Even Jesus was offered alcohol at the hour of his death though he chose not to partake.

    There, I believe, that God doesn't excuse away our unhealthy or unpopular relationship with alcohol, but he does give an honest and poignant understanding to our situation. I mean, would you rather have Jack Daniels, or a bottle of Xanex or Thorazine to deal with your emotional pain?

  • upside/down

    Thorazine with an Oxycontin chaser!

    Damn, was that a rhetorical question?....

    Me and my big mouth


  • eljefe

    Who could forget these two stories of getting smashed and the good that comes out of it. Lot and his daughter and Noah and his sons

  • TheEdge

    Oh - one of my favourite vices - but let us not forget Jesus turning water into wine. Now, as I understand it (and I haven't got a Bible at hand, so please feel free to correct me), it wasn't just your common Asti Spumante (7% abv) He was knocking out - it was the Good Stuff, 15% + abv....and was there enough to go round? I should say so - plenty left for Hair of he Dog the following morning!

    And am I ALSO correct in thinking that there was better stuff for early in the marriage celebrations - and inferior stuff for later when all the guests were too pissed to know what they were drinking? - Or am I just remembering one of MY parties ....?

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