An Appalling Lack Of Manners & Social Graces

by Why Georgia 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • unclebruce

    JWs and good manners are diametrically opposed concepts, irreconsiabollically seperated at birth.

    Is it good manners to knock on some poor sods door at all hours of the week and weekend preaching about crap they have less than no interest in?

    Is it polite to rant and rave about the iminent collapse of the entire worlds political and social systems?

    Is it politically correct to preach the goodnews about an upcomming slaughter of 99.99% of humankind?

    Is it nice to mentally rape young girls in the backroom of the kingdom hall?

    Is it any wonder they lean over and snatch the salt?

    oxymoronic unclebruce who learnt his mannerisms at theocratic ministry school.

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