For the girls.....about men..

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  • missy04

    LOL, Candy!!!!!!!

  • FlyingHighNow

    I think he meant to tell me that he thought I was intelligent.

  • missy04

    Oh, ok....Can you tell I need sleep LOL

    DUH Sarah

  • missy04

    ...And...can you tell I am addicted to this board?

    I've been saying "ok just gotta read a few more posts" for a while now And I need to get up in less than six hours

    But it's so much funnn


  • seawolf

    Well, I'm not a girl but for years I had a nick that, apparently, was feminine-looking to a lot of foreign men so quite often I got msgd by guys from Pakistan! LOL Well, one time I got a msg from a French dude.....I still have the conversation saved on my hard drive:

    him: hi
    me: hi
    him: I have picture to see of you
    me: ever heard of a question mark?
    him: ok
    him: send pics plz
    me: why?
    him: why what?
    me: send pics?
    him: to see me
    me: you don't know what you look like?
    him: ok
    me: well?
    him: pics
    him: je veux les images maintenants
    me: ton fran├žais est le merde
    him: LOL
    him: I want to see how pretty you are
    me: I'm pretty enough
    him: I want to see
    me: what?
    him: your tools
    me: hammer, shovel, ??
    him: no
    me: well?
    him: tools
    him: what
    me: How old are you ?
    him: 20 u?
    me: 16
    him: cooool pic plz tools
    me: Are you the host of this old house or something? You're obsessed with tools!
    him: you no fun :(
    me: I'm a guy
    him: no
    me: yes
    him: why
    me: mom got unlucky I guess
    him: ok bye

  • missy04

    ROFLMAO Seawolf!!!!!!!!!! OMG That was hilarious!!!!!!!!

  • missy04

    I have a PM saved from Yahoo Messenger when I was chatting with a guy from the board the other night that was completely HILARIOUS, because we kept typing typos and it all just came out wrong, but I don't think I'd better post it


  • seawolf
    seawolf does sound funny.

    hmmm....there must be something that could be said or done to get that posted, or at least let me see it LOL

  • missy04

    LOL I'll PM it to you. It was kinda one of those things where you hadda be there but it was funny lol I would just post it here but it would have to be censored and then it just wouldn't be funny

  • missy04

    Ya gotta pm

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