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  • Van Jay
    Van Jay

    Ok. So I am checking out this Church (everyone is going to be so sick of me talking about this, but hey what's this site for anyway?). This Church is a church that is "lead by the spirit". Well, as I have said before, I have been raised a JW all my life and have not been exposed or seasoned as far as other religions go. And this is a new one to me.

    I am currently DA'd and last night I went home to my JW parents to clear out some things in my head. They are both very strong JW's. Anyway I was asking my mom (cause lets be honest, a DA'd boy's best friend is still his about this and her simple (and previously accepted) explanation was "if its a genuine healing, then its from Satan. Miracles are not preformed here on the Earth anymore." My honest and inquisitive response was "where is that said in the bible, or what's your reasoning that they aren't?", and my mom is one of the smartest people I I don't mean to discredit her in the least, but it left me with an unfulfilled need to know. What is the JW stance on this? Do faith healings really occur and are they really part of the macanations (spell check wouldn?t pick this up) of the Enemy? My best friend swears up and down he saw a paraplegic wheel down to the front of the church and walk back. believes in faith healing but not that slam-you-so-hard-in-the-forhead-you-get-knocked-over-and-your-grandkids-in-their-seats-90-ft-away-feel-it....So since I am interested in this church and the message that they teach, I am conflicted. All my life I was taught that this was all part of Satan?s world. I am finding out now, a lot of things are not like I was any insight (either biblical or unbiblical) on this would be most appreciated and helpful!

  • under74

    Well, I grew up a JW too and was taught it was from Satan as well. I'm not religious far as faith healers go there are many articles you can find online that discredit faith healing. Do a search on or a similair search site. There are too many reports of set-ups (e.g. people in wheelchairs that are actually part of the show) too believe in that stuff...although it's your choice.

    Good luck.

  • Valis
    There are too many reports of set-ups (e.g. people in wheelchairs that are actually part of the show) too believe in that stuff

    Also, I've never seen a medically established report of faith healing really working. If it were that easy there would be much less pain and suffering in this world. Just my two drachma..


    District Overbeer

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Although I believe most of the slap-them-on-the-forehead "healings" are fake on the practioners part, I do believe in genuine faith healings. The mind is powerful, what turns on that power seems to be the key.

    her simple (and previously accepted) explanation was "if its a genuine healing, then its from Satan

    And why would Satan want to help someone to believe in God and His power? That doesn't wash.

    Remember, Jesus told the disciples that THEY would do GREATER miracles than He did.

  • Van Jay
    Van Jay

    on that note i thought that a genuine healing would help deceive the nations of the world away from the true religion....but that is the WTBT reasoning coming out in me.

  • Raphael

    Hi Van Jay...

    Please check out this website

    I was a devout second generation Witness for many years...fell away when I was in my early twenties, and was eventually DF'd..about 2 years ago I tried to make a move back, still believing without any doubt that it was "The Truth".

    Then three months ago, for some obscure unknown reason, I had an intense desire to visit a church I had always been curious about...what I saw and heard just blew me away...there was no uncontrolled out burst of emotion...the bible was used throughout the service..I could not fault what I was hearing. I did not want to leave the buliding ...I felt a presence there, I had not experienced in all my years attending Witnesses meetings..was this the peace of God , that the bible describes as excelling all thought?

    I heard a man speak in tongues and to my amazement, a second person interpret that tongue...I heard individuals prophesy and then men and women going forward to receive healing, I personally walked away from one of those meetings healed from a bowel condition I had , had for many months without going forward I was simply in the audience and God touched my life in a very special way that day, without me even asking.

    1 Cor 13...speaks of gifts of the spirit being done away with when that which is complete arrives...this I understand is when the entire body of believers in Christ are glorified at his second comming...until that occurs the works of the spirit will continue , just as promised in scripture.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    i thought that a genuine healing would help deceive the nations of the world away from the true religion.

    What, a miracle take them away from an impotent "true" religion. Again, Jesus said that after He left, those who followed Him would perform GREATER miracles.

  • M.J.

    If miracles are supposed to have ceased, then...what exactly is the JW definition of a miracle? Isn't it a supposed miracle that the Watchtower Society is somehow able to receive supernatural guidance? Guidance that no one else can receive "no matter how much Bible reading they do"? What about the old legends about angels protecting sisters out in service, etc.?

    Yet at the same time I agree that one should be cautious when someone claims to have "the gift of healing". If such "healing" is something that appears to be regularly occurring primarily for its theatric effect then that is when I would be really skeptical.

  • coldfish

    I have been thinking about healing and other gifts recently too. Being raised a JW I always thought that healings were either fake or from Satan.

    For the past couple of months I've been going to an Apostolic church. I'm really impressed how they follow the bible, including placing huge emphasis on Matt 28:19,20 and rely on the Spirit to help the great commission.

    People within the church speak in tongues and prophesy, but they very rarely speak in tongue at church itself. I asked the pastor's wife, she said it's done more in private. I read 1 Corinthians 12 and 14 on it, and the bible says that tongues should only be done during meetings if there's an interpreter, so that's what they do. They do prophecy in church occasionally.

    Anyway, starting next month the subject being studied at the Life Groups (Cell Groups) is 'The Gifts of the Spirit' - on what they are and how they are used.

    I'm looking forward to learning more about it. I haven't seen any healing take place, but I know that as a church they believe it can happen. From what I've seen, it really looks as though they are genuine and have God's blessing.

    I agree that sometimes people can be carried away with emotion at healings or there can be fakes or an emphasis placed on money. But I don't think all healings should be dismissed.

    The early apostles could heal and though the bible says the gifts will end, and love will always remain, it doesn't give a date and time as to when the gifts end and it doesn't say the gifts died out with the apostles. So until Jesus returns in whatever way that means, I feel the gifts of the spirit can be used to show a church has God's blessing and to bring unbelievers to the truth.

    Just my 2c

  • bebu

    I think some faith healing is real; unfortunately, this area is a big draw for charlatans. So, watch out for spectacle and showmanship. I would suggest leaving your wallet at home until you have thoroughly researched the church/its leaders out, because if they are corrupt they can easily part folks with their $.

    I think the big problem is that many Christians implicitly trust anyone who can quote John 3:16 or who talk Bible-speak and give the impression that they are extremely dedicated to God. It just seems "unchristian" to distrust people until their character is proven, but it is truly necessary.

    Anyway, I hope it all is fine.


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